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Clutch dump [CLOSED]



So 4 of this weeks clutches, the fifth one will be up with the ones for next week.

All if the babies start at level 3 [Fullbody (2) + Simple BG (1)]
None of the babies have eye color you are free to choose what color you want for them.


Green Clutch

Hatch Date - 31st May 2014
Base Attack - 13

#1 Male Oshawott Bought by Adriyel-chan

#2 Female Torchic  Bought by Varsettie

#3 Male Torchic Fusion Bought by Kaci-Star
!!Currently shown as Fire/Fairy if you give him webbed feet (which he can have you just can't see in this pose) you may give him Water typing as well!! Also once he evolves I'd imagine that he'd gain more colors (think roosters/peacooks/pheonix) sorry really specific things for this guy since I originally planned to keep him (also why he's expensive).

Blue Clutch

Hatch Date - 31st May 2014
Base Attack - 17

#4 Female Mawile Fusion Bought by DreamingLionesse
!!Fairy/Grass could take on Ground typing from her father as well buyers choice can not have Steel or Dark typing though!!

#5 Male Skiddo Bought by Aetherium-Aeon

#6 Male Skiddo/Mawile Decided to keep this one as well.

#7 Female Skiddo/Mawile Keeping

Red Clutch

Hatch Date - 31st May 2014
Base Attack - 10

#8 Male Audino Keeping

Purple Clutch

Hatch Date - 31st May 2014
Base Attack - 5

#9 Female Trapinch Fusion Keeping

#10 Female Dedenne/Trapinch Bought by AlphaPhantomhive
!!Take her off my hands before I decide to keep her!!

#11 Female Dedenne/Furfrou Bought by AlphaPhantomhive
!!You may choose to give her any one of Furfrou's cuts, buyers decision which one. I've already asked the mods if this is alright!!

#12 Male Furfrou Bought by Taserwulf
His style may also be changed but only one (1) time, this style was suggested from the chat but a new owner may chose whichever style they please.
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I like #12.  I might be back later with points for it.
I'm just so broke right now.