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Finally. Done. //Crawls in a hole @_@

For every baby:
Hatch Date - 25th June 2014
Levels - 3 [Fullbody (2) + Simple BG (1)]

Bullet; Green Green clutch Bullet; Green

Base Attack - 25

1: Male Ekans Fusion Poison/Fire/Fairy Bought by TmntLover111
Perhaps when this one evolves that orange fur along his back will burst into flame?

2: Female Ekans Fusion Poison/Fairy(/Fire?) Bought by nataku
Maybe this one will show more than a fiery temper once it evolves? Only a skilled trainer will know...

3: Female Charmander Fusion Fire/Poison/Fairy Bought by Daffupanda
With a poisonus bite and the ability to fly I wouldn't want to anger this one. Perhaps it will shed that bright orange coat upon evolution?

Bullet; Yellow  Yellow Clutch Bullet; Yellow

Base Attack - 10

1: Female Fennekin
You don't have to draw the ears like that it's just how I draw them. 50 :points:

2: Male Aron Bought by XiaPhearix

3: Female Aron
Head spots look like angry eyebrows, she's probably rather sweet though. 50 :points:

Bullet; Purple  Purple Clutch Bullet; Purple

Base Attack - 5

1: Female Dedenne Bought by Adriyel-chan
Didn't inherit her father crazy hairdo but perhaps that's a good thing?

2: Female Dedenne/Chinchou !!Taken by me, since I couldn't figure out how to draw a normal one!!

3: Female Chinchou Bought by PizzaPotatoNBacon
You do not have to mimic my oddly shaped body and odd antena.

Bullet; White  Light Blue Clutch Bullet; White

Base Attack - 19

1: Female Minccino !!Taken by me!!

Bullet; Blue Dark Blue Clutch Bullet; Blue

Base Attack - 24

1: Male Seel Fusion Fairy(/?) !!Taken by me!!

!!2: Female Mawile Fusion Design your own Auction!! Auction ended winner hazard100
Potentional Fusions is Water and/or Ice but either Steel or Fairy have to stay as a type on it. If you win the Auction you will need to draw it with Fullbody and flat colors (no shading or BG requiered) so that I can draw it and post a seperate picture with it before I can send the receipt for it, group rule. !!See my comment for info on the Auction itself!! SB: 180 :points: (High BA + Special) AB: 500

Bullet; Red Red Clutch Bullet; Red

Base Attack - 8

!!1: Male Cubone/Houndour Cross Auction!! Auto Bought by MasamuneRevolution
Buyer may choose if this one walks on two legs or four and decide what eye color the baby has. The bone does not need to be kept. !!See my comment for info on the Auction itself!!

2: Female Houndour/Cubone Cross !!Taken by me!!

3: Male Houndour Bought by imaprettypeacock
Non docked tail and floppy ears.

4: Female Houndour Bought by luna141
Lighter fur, her ears are pretty long so they could flop if the buyer so wishes. Style of tail up to buyer. 40 :points:

I also have some other Pokémon for sale, all listed in my Sale journal~
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