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annabelle :iconlost-pyromaniac:Lost-Pyromaniac 10 0
trash can monster by Lost-Pyromaniac trash can monster :iconlost-pyromaniac:Lost-Pyromaniac 7 1 tux by Lost-Pyromaniac tux :iconlost-pyromaniac:Lost-Pyromaniac 11 2 i need healing by Lost-Pyromaniac i need healing :iconlost-pyromaniac:Lost-Pyromaniac 9 1 yesn't starven't by Lost-Pyromaniac yesn't starven't :iconlost-pyromaniac:Lost-Pyromaniac 5 0 but why by Lost-Pyromaniac but why :iconlost-pyromaniac:Lost-Pyromaniac 15 1 soft by Lost-Pyromaniac
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soft :iconlost-pyromaniac:Lost-Pyromaniac 5 0
factions - rumours
Yhotl walked through the crowd, peering at the people stopping in their tracks and bowing down to him and the troops following behind him. He crossed his arms and rotated his neck as he approached Nohtfai, sighing heavily. The troops neatly lined up beside him. Nohtfai, just noticing that Yhotl had arrived, gasped and quickly turned around to face him. She briefly bowed her head down.
“Oh, you are here!” She clasped her hands behind her back and cleared her throat. “Welcome, Yhotl! How could I be of assistance to you?” Yhotl cocked an eyebrow and examined her for a few moments.
“First of all,” he started, tilting his head towards the civilians bowing down. “What exactly is this all about?” Nohtfai blinked, trying to find a way to answer this.
“Well… we are very, very appreciative of your service, my friend. We want to show you how much we do appreciate you.” Yhotl stood there with a blank expression.
“If that
:iconlost-pyromaniac:Lost-Pyromaniac 1 0
The two snuggled up to each other’s embrace next to the campfire in an attempt to keep warm from the biting winds that had picked up. This night was much colder than anticipated, so the two had to make do with an old worn blanket the blonde found. Unusually, they were quiet. Nothing had disturbed the silence between them other than the wind whizzing past their ears and the crackles of the fire that tried to fight it back. They sat there with peace despite how cold it was.
Soon after, they laid down, comfortable within each other’s hold. Anna nuzzled her head against Matt’s chest with a faint smile, listening to his heartbeat and feeling his chest rise and fall with a serenity. Matt had begun to fiddle with her hair, twisting and twirling locks of it around. They laid there for a few more moments before Anna looked up at him.
“You know, you’re pretty comfy,” she purred. Matt smiled at her, pulling his hand away from her hair.
“Am I?” he qu
:iconlost-pyromaniac:Lost-Pyromaniac 1 0
Mature content
kage - bar encounter :iconlost-pyromaniac:Lost-Pyromaniac 2 0
old halloween prompt
I took a brisk, shaky breath and huddled up in my old worn-out blanket, looking out into the cold and empty void. But was it really empty? I could never know. The wooden floorboards creaked under my feet, and the halls echoed and groaned. Shadows crawled all over the walls and darted within the corners of my eyes as I made my way through the small building. My heart pumped with adrenaline, afraid of whatever could jump out at me. The branches outside rapped against the window panes riddled with cobwebs, accompanied by the heavy rain and the loud rumbling of the thunder. Cold air nipped at my nose and my toes as I stepped into a small room with marble flooring. Cabinets and drawers lined the walls, and chairs were scattered around the simple table in the middle of the room. I swiftly stepped around the table and towards one of the cabinets. I held my breath. Yes, this is what I came here for. I exhaled, tasting the musty air for a moment, and opened the cabinet door, then
:iconlost-pyromaniac:Lost-Pyromaniac 1 0
Mature content
shackled pt. 1 :iconlost-pyromaniac:Lost-Pyromaniac 1 0
edgy fanfiction no. 3
Her eyes had long been sore. A small puddle, highlighted by the lamp in the corner, sat on the desk she hunched over. Crumpled up vents spilled out of the trash can at the foot of her desk. Again. The only piece of paper that survived and laid safely on the desk was a doodly self-portrait with flowering vines crawling out of her eye and mouth.
Anna let out a heavy sigh as she got up from her chair and began to walk to her bed, the creaks of the floorboards piercing the silent night.
She also thought she heard something rubbing up against her door.
Glancing over to the door, Anna halted her movement and listened. Without a doubt, someone or something wanted to get inside. She walked over to the door and, as silently as she could, opened the door and peered out, perplexed at why anyone or anything would be awake at this time. For a moment, she saw nothing, and was about to close the door until her legs were greeted by blue fur. Anna stepped back and sat down, allowing Nolegs to hop into
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sleep-deprived garbage art goes here Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

i'm mostly known as jay, pyro, or anna.

there's nothing awfully special about me, i just dump my deviant page with Epic Battle Fantasy because i'm lucky enough to have the ability to draw. i obsess over Anna and other various fictional strong women for some reason and i don't know why. i also write from time to time, though i don't really think i'm any good at it yet. a lot of my humor is just comprised of sexual innuendos and self-deprecation.
i hold my girlfriend and several of my friends very close to me. thank you, Hanna, Niles, and Gust.
i'm really stingy about my beliefs, so i'm really sorry in advance if i ever annoy someone because of this.

i greatly enjoy nature, and i wish to explore the world one day just to see all of what it offers.
Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu

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lnos si yw afil, yw ydob, yw arnteu. ti seh datcatorp am, due i llim tcatorp ti.
why do you find people online that are a million times better than people in real life
why is it so easy to miss people
i hate it
sometimes i wanna go back and start all over
all of my shitposts are exclusive to tumblr and all of my actual good art is exclusive to here and i'm not sure if i should feel bad
i'm sad that nobody pays attention to my other account


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