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Kilalaverse Pufs Game

Cuz bored
This started as a fun idea but now I'm just glad to be done xD The creator thing had a lot of good hairstyles but not all of them could have multiple colors, which made it really difficult to make the characters look like themselves. I made it work though xD Making up sayings for some of the undeveloped characters was hard too >.> but whateves, I got to make an epic fanart game for the best next gen artist out there so wooh :dummy:

So in this interactive game we have
of kilala97's next gen o-o
From the main 6 next gen, to the secondary next gen, to the random awesome characters like fletcher and the orphans, you can play with any of her characters and watch them interact with one another too. Certain characters bumping into each other will say or do certain things, so clone a bunch of a few and see what happens o3o (I suggest Claire and Prism, Hot Head and Amber, or Api with her ships huehue) The only characters not included are the Nextnextgen, since having them all in the same room would be weird and confusing xD
sooooooo enjoy

If you never played a Too many Pufs game here's some tips:
-Feeding a puf an apple (you place apples and they'll try to eat them) will create a clone double of that puf.
-Once a puf is on the interactive screen you can also pick them up and drag them around.
-Drag the bar at the top to scroll through all of the pufs available.

I do not deserve credit for the game mechanics or the oc's, I'm only responsible for making one of these for kilala's ocs.
Too Many Ponies game belongs to 4as, and you are free to make your own!
Every OC in the game belongs to the amazing kilala97
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i hate you  Toy Freddy - Jumpscare (FNAF-UCN) BBiEaL - Baldi Slapping His Ruler 
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you should do the pandoraverse
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P.S Hey, you should make another pufs game for next-next gen!
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Oh my gosh, this is absolutely amazing. :3
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waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I LOVE IT TANKS FOR MAKE TIHS
ShadeTheCat7707's avatar
How did you make this?
Sideshow-Cellophane's avatar
This is oddly satisfying. XD
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very nice!, i think you forgot annie's horn. Or i just cant see it.
ShadeTheCat7707's avatar
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Athena Annie is just a nickname
Lost-Our-Dreams's avatar
Yeahi noticed that too lol
its there it's just small and the shape of her hair isn't right behind the horn making it blend with her head
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fudge. yours is better
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Omg this is soo cute!! :D
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Omg so much ponies
*dies of cuteness*
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I had waaay too much fun with this. I kept throwing Prisim off the screen XD
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moomoo Starburst is the only thing I had
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i put a bunch of prisms next to claire they kept saying Dat plot or Olllllddddd
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This is amazing and SO FREAKIN' CUUUTE.  :faint:
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