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Crookshanks and Mrs Norris

By lost-ophelia
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Submission for Hogwarts art weird couples contest

I know it's obvious - both being cats and all, but I thought it would have been cute:)

Please FULL VIEW:love:
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Why does Crookshanks remind me of Firestar? 
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ShapmaioreHobbyist Writer
So adorable :3
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Aww, cute
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Filch will be both happy and angry when Mrs. Norris had kittens. Happy that now there are even more cats and angry because there is a tom cat around who knocked up his baby.
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LOL Laugh  he'll be literally at war with himself. Ranting about the father cat one minute then gushing over the kittens the next.

"It's not the fact that - I'm going to search this castle from top to bottom for the father!... Aww look, This one has your eyes!"
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Even Mrs. Norris needs some love! :meow:
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x-THE-SANCTUARY-x's avatar
I'm a shipper for them xD
I never thought anyone else would be, though.

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MackCat2118Hobbyist General Artist
aww! It's so cute!
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thank you! I write Hp ff and have a mini story about Crookshanks and Mrs. Norris being together. This makes me smile! =)
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Bat-SnakeHobbyist General Artist
Filch would very highly disprove of this. "BRING 'ER HOME BY TEN!!" It is a funny concept :iconimhappyplz:

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ScarletStripeArtHobbyist Digital Artist
good, but i don't think Crookshanksshould be with that naighty cat. Hermione would probably get upset.
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so thats what Crookshanks does all day...
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That is adorable. I love Crookshank's expression! 'Bout time he found some love! *grin* Great job!
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Aw, that's the best pairing ever!
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I wonder how Filch would react if he walked in on them?
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I love how the cats are drawn! Realistic-yet-fanciful. Very nicely done! I already paired Mrs. Norris and Crooky...so I OMG'd at this :D
lost-ophelia's avatar
Ha ha! Thats so awsome!
Thanks for the comment and :+fav:!!:hug:
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Skybrarian Writer
Actually it makes sense, considering how Crookshanks wandered off so often.
When I first saw this pic I clutched my heart in horror, fearing it was Crookshanks/McGonagall.
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ha ha! Thats so creepy!
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sooo adorable...it is a weird couple, but it works! nice work :D
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Ha ha! thank you:D
yea, I know it's weird. but i figured they're both cats and it would be funny. :P Thanks for the :+fav:!
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oheysteenzStudent Digital Artist
aw! this is so cuuuuute. ^^
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Thank you so much!!:hug:
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