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stand before your king

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Lucario, reminds me of the God of Death Anubis.

XD King Lucario!

Sorry, about the crappy BG XP
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patemvikHobbyist General Artist
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OobemuHobbyist Artisan Crafter
YEAH!!!FistPumpPlz FistPumpPlz FistPumpPlz FistPumpPlz 
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Coolcole53Student Digital Artist
Your majesty. *kneels before the king*
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Will Pharaoh Lucario get mummified after he dies?
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Leafstripe77Student Digital Artist
omg your so right it now remind me of anubis as well!
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Praise the jackal of death! =D
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lVSlHobbyist General Artist
Excelent pic!!

For this reason I like so much Lucario. X3

Lucario is Anubis!

( ^ ^)b
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i think that the pokemon creators meant to make lucario based off of anubis:icondragonnod1:. Nice pic by the way!
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ZorkuStudent General Artist
Duhuhude!!! :+fav:!!!
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My favourite pokemon AND my favorite TV show!!! :3
Lucario does look like a servant of Anubis, doesn't he? :3

Tell me, is his armor based off the armor that the Goa'uld wear in Stargate SG-1?
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Steelersfan44 Photographer
This is one of the greatest paintings i have seen.
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<3 Oh yeah, loving it! It's so amazing.
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CaliforniaHunt24Hobbyist Artist
OMG! It's the pharaoh Tutanhkcario!
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actually lucario is possibly based off anubis so its not surprising that you would think that. i think he looks like anubis as well. thats what i named my lucario.
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CaliforniaHunt24Hobbyist Artist
I love to study the ancient Egyptian culture and Lucario definitly looks like Anubis.
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yeah ancient egypt is cool. its always been one of my favorite cultures to study.
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CaliforniaHunt24Hobbyist Artist
OMG! no way! How'd you get into Egypt?
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i dont really know. i was quite young when i got into it so i dont really remember. i also like the vikings, native americans, ancient(and modern) japanese, spartans, ancient incans, and uhh i think thats it. if i think of any more ill tell you.
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CaliforniaHunt24Hobbyist Artist
I first got into it when I learned the word sarcophagus. I was like 6. My grandma heard about me saying it and she sent me a book she got when she got to see King Tut.
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oh she saw the actual mummy? i didnt know the mummy of tutankhaman still existed. (i think thats how you spell it.)
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CaliforniaHunt24Hobbyist Artist
almost, tutankhamun. I don't know if she saw him.
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