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The Witch by Lost-in-Legends The Witch :iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 25 18 Black Cat Appreciation Day 8/17 by Lost-in-Legends Black Cat Appreciation Day 8/17 :iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 28 25
Mature content
The Wolf and the Hunter pt. 2 - RP with Minx :iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 17 7
Mature content
The Wolf and the Hunter pt.1 - RP with Minx :iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 18 11
Interview with Tyre/QandA with Tyre

What is your name?

Alright...let's get this damn thing o'er with. Feckin' creator lady likes doin' these e'er so often. Should be damn glad it's only e'ery few years, but it's still a pain in tha arse. /grumble sighs/ Let's
Tyrenan McCrae. S'pose I have a few other names folks call me from time t'time though. Tyre, Big Blue, Ogre...yer majesty. Ye can take yer pick o'em.
Do you know why you were named that?
Does it matter much? It's a great name. Means Lord. Na need t'question it further.
Are you single or taken?
Jumpin' right in there, aren't ye? Na e'en gonna buy me a drink first?
Regardless....wouldn' ye like t'know? /smirks/ I'm na exactly on tha market if that's what yer wonderin'...pretty damn happy with where I am an who I'm with~
Have any abilities or powers? could say that. I guess it varies on tha settin' and world. But in most e'ery case, I'v
:iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 24 64
Killian 'Babyface' Magee by Lost-in-Legends Killian 'Babyface' Magee :iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 30 21
It's going to be a long night...(Vore-ish)
Joshua grumbled softly, hugging the bag of food closer to himself as he hopped up onto the curb to avoid the river of rainwater that still flowed through the streets from the afternoon’s shower. More like a flashflood, really...even though it was normal.
Another little mumbling escaped him as he kicked a piece of crumpled and soggy newspaper out of his path.
His experience at the little café down the street had been less than pleasant this evening. Usually they were very friendly. Despite the language barrier, they treated him kindly and the service was quick and the food fresh and hot. But it seemed it’d been a rough day for them all. Still, that hardly seemed like an excuse for rudeness. Especially as he'd been a daily customer for the past few weeks.
Oh well…at least he had his soup and a sandwich…he could save the rest for lunch tomorrow.
His mood brightened some at the thought of the rich, hearty vegetable stew and chicken sandwich that was waiting for
:iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 47 25
My very first G/t shirt by Lost-in-Legends My very first G/t shirt :iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 22 24
A Father's Embrace
That single syllable was enough to stir the vampire from his slumber. Green eyes opened to peer up at the very large face hovering over him and blocking out the light of the late afternoon sun beyond the mountain outcrop they were resting beneath.
There was pained look in the features of that face and the wide eyes gave off a golden glow, bright and frenzied.
That also told him that something was off...
Killian's eyes rarely went gold these days.
Garrett rubbed a hand over his face, patiently pushing himself up from his bedroll while the Faron remained crouched over him.
“Having bad dreams again?” He looked up to the young giant in clear understanding. Killian's scent, posture and eyes allowed him to be read clear as a book. In his years with the kid, he'd learned his ways and ticks well and he understood times like this.
Poor kid had been through Hell already in his young days. Of course his dreams were haunted. had been a long time sin
:iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 44 13
Mature content
Destiny G/t Derp :iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 20 46
Drynn by Lost-in-Legends Drynn :iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 79 30
20. I've never seen a person your size before...
“I've never seen a person your size before.”
Sam raised her eyebrows, looking up and down at the man standing in front of her.
He had to be at least fifteen feet tall. Tall enough to be disqualified from walking through a McDonald's drive-thru. Though, they tended to frown upon foot traffic anyway. It was called a DRIVE-thru for a reason.
She'd seen plenty of giants in her time. Anything from 50ft to 500ft with a few exceeding that on certain worlds. But...this fellow was an oddly sized one. Most outsiders who came to the Vatican that were beyond a standard size of 10ft or less were automatically reduced to a base size fitting that of a human. But this guy would have to get down on his hands and knees to get through even the big doors...
And on top of his already impressive size, the man had a very interesting sort of style. The all white suit gave an air of sophistication and power, but the blue tattoos along his wrists and the fact that his luxurious, long, black hair was
:iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 25 10
19. How tall would you say you are now?
“How tall would you say you are now?”
Dean peered up at the Faron from his seat among the tree branches.
Even high up in the boughs of the towering oak...he only just barely made it to Killian's middle...his chest, shoulders and head still looming up over the tops of the trees to cast a deep shadow over the woodlands.
“Na t'sure....maybe....a hundred an ten?”...Killian shrugged, running a hand through his thick hair while he looked down at the seemingly shrunken scene around him. The trees looking like plush puffs of green and gold from his view over the top of them. It was hard for him to estimate his own size, especially since it wasn't very common for him to be so big. It was rare for him to drop his guise here within the human world. That would have drawn too much attention. And the last thing he wanted was to be discovered and wind up government property for God knows what. He'd been close to that too many times before.
Out here though, they were safe. The
:iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 32 14
18. Get your over-sized mitts off of me!
"Get your over-sized mitts off of me!” Cira snarled the words out...thrashing against the huge fingers that had imprisoned her. It would have probably been more effective and looked a bit less pitiful if the gigantic hand had been holding her tightly...but instead it was only loosely cupped around her...and she was just left to flop around in an open palm...trapped, with nowhere to run or jump...since she was a good ninety feet up in the air at the moment.
“Tch. Who in tha Hells says 'mitts'?” The giant that had captured her gave a chuckling snort, silver eyes flat and lacking in patience as he tried to get the woman to sit still so he wouldn't drop her.
“I DO! When I'm fucking pissed! Now put me down, asshole!” Cira howled again, more than tempted to try a wild leap to the building sized desk nearby. Surely she could make it from here. She didn't like this whole, being handled like a friggin gerbil, thing. It was weird. And uncomfortable. Made ten times w
:iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 24 9
17. I would offer for you to come in...(VORE-ish)
"I would offer for you to come in, but you won't fit in the house."
Meo laughed almost nervously, peering up at the massive, golden eye peering in through her window.
“Wh-which is a real pity. Was just getting ready to put some tea on.”
The huge eye squinted a moment, then widened once more as a chuckle sounded.
“Yeah. Not much chance o'me fittin' in there...unless ya wanna have tea with m'pinky finger.”
The giant pulled his face back, instead lifting his index finger up to make a motion for her to come closer to the window.
The giant was a young Faron by the name of Callahan. A particularly ornery member of the Guard with a bad habit for snatching and the young courier had experienced more than once during her delivery route.
He wasn't a -bad- fellow...just, not altogether -nice- either.
Meo looked to the window with clear distrust...unsure if it would be wise to venture closer. Especially considering the encounters she'd already had with this part
:iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 21 14
16. Tiny people living in my walls...
“Tiny people livin' in m'walls. When did m'life become so crazy?” Finn whispered the words into his coffee mug, green eyes fixed on the tiny figures on his kitchen counter.
Itty bitty little people. Only three inches high. But they looked and talked like any other human.
They had no real name for themselves...but mentally, he privately referred to them as Borrowers.
They reminded him all too much of the books he'd read as a kid...stories of tiny people who lived in secret among the comparatively huge world of humans. Stories that he now had to wonder if they were possibly true.
Regardless, the nickname was fitting.
He'd first discovered them a little over a month ago when he'd walked into the storage room to find young lad named Joshua caught in a mousetrap left by his landlord. His shock over the discovery had been immense...the man hardly even believing what he was seeing, but concern for the tiny figure guided him through his disbelief enough to help free him. Poor lad h
:iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 45 27


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Name: Olivia
A.K.A.: Liv, Livvi, Liver
But you may call me "Hobbit"...

Likes: The colors black, dark red, dark purple and silver, swords, singing opera, faeries, dragons, roses, Suede, Victorian décor, candles, tea, gamer shirts, music, cats, mechanical pencils, raspberry jam, rain, anime, dark chocolate, grunge and hard rock, black Converse high-tops, giants, anything steampunk, Mountain Dew, snow, Got 2B Glued hair glue, piano, sushi, robots, pirates, a good book, Drow, Japan, G/T stories and art, manga, vampires, fluffy vore, a brand new sketchbook and a fistful of sharpened colored pencils, videogames and NOT Edward Cullen.

Dislikes: Goblins, the color pink, sports, prolonged emoness, trolls, math, Call of Duty, cheese, ice in my soda, musicals, headaches, giant slayers, little kids that constantly comment on the fact that I don’t look my age cuz I’m the size of a ten-year-old, outrageously and impossibly overpowered OCs, bad hair days, mosquitoes, Dr. Pepper and SPIDERZZZZZZZ >_<

Current Residence: Modern day Hobbiton
Favourite genre of music: Hard rock, Celtic punk, punk, Ska, Movie, Anime and Game soundtracks
Favourite cartoon character: Bleauregard Q. Kazoo, Jake the Dog, Rigby, Strongbad


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