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September 17, 2008
Inferno by *lost-exile is a wonderful artwork, and a truly beautiful wallpaper!
Featured by archanN
Suggested by baKIN
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made this for Oxfam Australia, to promote their new global warming campaign and to be featured in the Sydney Museum Of Contemporary art and put it in the new evoke pack as well. The concept was global Warming and its effect on the world and the poor. Wallpaper is coming soon and hopefully a few pics of it in the museum. The entire sky & planets are digi painted and the the penguin and car are matte painted. I lost track of the hours on this one at around 20

Software- Wacom Intuos, poser 8, Ps cs3, my portfolio is coming soon!
Click Download for wallpapers

© 2008 - 2022 lost-exile
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skroffox's avatar
The work you did with lightning is awsome. That look soooo nice! Great job :D
LinaMile's avatar
It looks really interesting!
EuropeanCar650's avatar
Awesome. Come on, we gotta save Australia!
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4RK4NG3L's avatar
amazing ,the hands create the effect of a cool wings
knifegirl19's avatar
love the hands, and the penguin [if it IS a penguuin and not some other animal]
bitchinblack's avatar
You submitted this in 2008. You CAN'T submit this to the Darksiders contest. The entry has to be NEW and made SOLELY for the contest.
lost-exile's avatar
oh gosh, I really should read the fine print better. Thank you for the heads up and my apologies !
ApTypka's avatar
amazing like hell
dub72's avatar
damn I missed this one.
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this is one of the few pieces that leaves me speechless
CHR1DDY's avatar
So much win in this!
mwolf36's avatar
This is so fking awsome great job holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!
Five STARS!!!!!!!!
Sangiev's avatar
Your wonderful artwork has been featured in this Journal : [link] Would be cool to see you there give a visit and/or a comment is gladly appreciated, thanks for showing your support :heart: :)
Sangiev :)
ekafnu's avatar
hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahhahaaa holy shit this piece is so shit dude.
lost-exile's avatar
yeah i guess over 1 thousand favs,over 20k views and the fact that its in a museum surely indicates that :p
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Your lovely Wallpaper has been featured here: [link]

Elkstra's avatar
Hope you don't mind.
I've used this for a little side project of mine.
All credit for this picture has been given to you.
You can find it here: The Fence Between Friendship
lost-exile's avatar
ok, thanks for the credit, but in the future please dont use my artwork as stocks, as they are meant only to be viewed or purchased as prints, and not as stocks :) this one is fine though since you didn't know but I'd appreciate it if you didn't next time. thanks though
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