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So, I finished school, that's all fine and dandy, then there's that whole looming, "what next?"

See, I was supposed to get into RMC (Royal Military College of Canada), but that fell through and I wasn't accepted.

I also applied elsewhere, why wouldn't I?

So I applied at the University of Manitoba. It's like the school has fallen off the face of the earth. I haven't heard a word from them since I applied.

I also applied at a local college, Camosun College. They were cool, they sent me stuff and told me the status of my application and all that jazz. Then I got a letter a little while back. I wasn't accepted there (they would check again once they had my final marks). They gave their reasons. I didn't have English 12 or Math 12. I can understand them not having my english mark, I was still taking the course. BUT, I was taking calculus, and Math 12 is kind of a required prerequisite for calc so... something wasn't working there. I didn't persue it though, thinking it would get worked out on my final transcript.

Then I applied at the local university, the University of Victoria. They seemed over eager to have me apply, they sent me two hard copies of everything and e-mailed me a copy. Finally, I received a letter saying I wasn't accepted. (It's looking pretty bad, isn't it?) They gave their reasons, my GPA wasn't high enough, I didn't have the marks in Physics 12 or Chemistry 11 or 12. I also didn't have Social Studies 11 and Math 12.

Now I'm wondering...

Socials 11 is a course that's required to graduate and I know I did everything I needed to to get a transfer credit for it.

Math 12 I took in Manitoba, before I moved. I got a good solid B in the course too. I'm actually kind of upset at this point that both UVic and Camosun didn't get my Math 12 mark, so I called my counselor at school. It turns out that there was a computer error and my Math 12 mark wasn't received. My counselor took care of that with both schools.

I checked my e-mail last night and found something from UVic, two somethings actually. One was an e-mail saying congratulations your admissions package is on it's way. The other was an e-mail telling me what I need to do to register for my courses. I was very excited about this, though it didn't say what program I was accepted to, so I have to wait for the package to come.

As for Camosun, well, I decided to change the program I'm applying to, this means redoing the entire application. So, I went online and started the process. Guess what? The program I want to switch to isn't on the list of programs they are offering, even though the site has an entire section dedicated to this program. I'm in the middle of getting that all sorted out right now. EDIT I got it sorted out and I've "applied" to the right program, so everything is set to go as I want it to.

In case you were wondering, I've applied to the Engineering program at UVic with an aim for Computer Engineering and the Computer Engineering Technology program at Camosun.

So, yeah, I'm really frustrated about university. but that's not all of it.

I'm still trying to get into the military, as an officer if that's at all possible. The recruiting center is so poorly organized that I can't get an actual recruiter to talk to me about what my options are. It's really rediculous and I hate the process, but I want the job, so I have to do it.

My summer plans:
Work, and lots of it
July 5-8: Vancouver, for Comicon and hanging out.
July 22-30: Alaska...
Aug-Sept onward: school, somewhere


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Congrats on getting into UVic. I wouldn't waste too much time though -- the summer is over pretty darned quickly. Make sure that you get the admissions package in as soon as you get it. In other words, don't procrastinate. Also, make sure that you have the residence situation sorted out quickly. Nothing worse than having school start and you are in 'home limbo'.

Again, congrats on getting in.
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I would actually prefer to go to Camosun College instead of UVic. As for residence, I live in Victoria and can take the bus. My sister might be getting a place of her own and I'll probably move in with her.
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Oh, and one more thing -- remember you can still make officer without Royal Roads. Heck, the current head of the forces did it -- you can too. ;-)
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oh, I know, my dad did it. I'm thinking now of enlisting instead, for the time being at least, because the officer side of it all is giving me the total run around and won't let me do anything.
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Speaking as one who teaches at a school which has a large number of students of enlisted parents, I would suggest that, survival-wise and given our involvement in an on-going conflict, it might be wiser to get officer status first.
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It takes several years of training and classes before you are ready to be deployed and even once you have been posted to a ship (as I will be going into the Navy), the chances of being deployed are relatively low. I live on the local Navy base and most of my friends right now are the enlisted guys who live in barracks. And as far as seeing action, I'm not entirely sure I wouldn't mind going.
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One buddy of mine who I worked with did the naval route for four years. And he really enjoyed it. So it isn't a bad choice. (Great way to see the world and develop your chops.)

However, a year and a half ago, one of my military parents in a discussion at a school open house brought to my attention that Hillier was floating a trial balloon that due to the Afghan war being more intensive than anticipated that personnel may be reassigned or re-rolled in positions other than that to which they applied (e.g., navy and air force could be shifted to ground troops). See [link] . Just keep this in mind, trial balloons have a good habit of becoming policy. ;-)
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Wow. Seems like you've been busy. Good luck and all. On a side note, do you ever check your hotmail account?
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I'll reply

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yeah, i'm looking through colleges and cant decide which one to try for...
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don't apply to just one, always apply to several because you don't know if you will or won't be accepted, and even if you do get accepted to more than one, then it gives you an option as to what to do, and you don't have to decide right away.
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yeah, i've got a whole pile of interest, and i havent even started the app process...only a noob junior
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well, keep thinking then
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