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Lucky Magical Werecat Ch.5
    I smiled a little and chuckled," I have such unusual cuticles." I said as I grabbed my hair and tail in each hand."But I like them. They're cool and pretty, but they stand out too much during certain times of the day."
    "I bet," Val said as he chuckled." It seems you loosened up a little at times. That's good. We were worried that you had closed up your heart because of the bad experiences you endured living in the streets as an orphan."
   My ears flickered, and I stare at him," Is that so? That explains the marker incident..." I averted my eyes away smirking." But I'm still not trusting you people."
   Val laughed, "I got it, I got it. You don't have to trust us. All you have to do is allow us to protect you."
    I had turned to leave when I halted my tracks from Val's words. I looked back at him and observed him for a few minutes before breaking out a little smile," I never did thank you for doing my hair and helping me bathe
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Lucky Magical Werecat Ch.4
  We walked along the wide stone road until we reached the Family Inn that's owned by a family that I know. I walked right in and straight to the counter with a cheerful smile, something that Seran and the others have yet to see.
    The cheerful girl at the counter is the daughter of the family that runs this Family Inn. Next to her helping out is her younger brother and sister who're bickering. When the three noticed me at the counter, they brightened up and wore big smiles.
   "Ah, Toma, welcome back.~ It's been a while since you last came." welcomed the girl slamming the countertop. "And look at you! Did you win the lottery or something? You're wearing real clothes this time around. Usually, you're either naked or wearing rags." she said smirking with an arched eyebrow. "Even your hair is clean and fixed up. No seriously, what happened? Did you finally get a job or did your family finally stopped being greedy or get enough money to fix you up?"
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Lucky Magical Werecat Ch.3
"What race were your parents and how many siblings did you have?" Began Seran.
    "My mother is human, and my father a werecat. Excluding me, there were six siblings, and were also half werecats like myself but were born without any unique constitution and none were human despite our human mother. I was the only exception as well as the only male calico in the family. My father wasn't one, and neither were my brothers, but I did have a sister who was also a calico." I replied reminiscing. "We were born around the same time as a litter instead of how humans give birth even though mom was a human."
    "I see!" exclaimed Seran with a bright expression. "Okay, next question. Do you know who attacked and killed your family and why did they target you and your family?"
    "I... do not know. Despite how long it's been, I remember everything as if it were only yesterday. It still haunts me to this day, and I couldn't forget even if I wanted to as my eyes burned
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Lucky Magical Werecat Ch.2
Who knows how long I was sleeping but I can faintly hear voices as I began to wake up.
   "Seran, do you honestly believe this child to be the one you've been searching for all this time?" spoke a woman's voice.
   "Well, I'd like for him to be the lost child I've been looking for, yes. But this kid did give me a wide-eyed expression as if he realized something. When he wakes up, I'll have to ask him about why he reacted that way before passing out." Seran said.
  The more they talked and as the time pass by, my dulled senses gradually yet swiftly return to me upon my awakening. When my vision was clear enough, I scanned the area to see where I was.
 I noticed that I was resting in a bed and that I wasn't in cat form. Why was I not in cat form? I fainted in my cat form. Instead, I'm in my cat boy form. The form I was born into this world as. I can tell that I'm in this form because my cat ears twitched as I was waking up and I can feel my tail.
  I tu
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Lucky Magical Werecat Ch.1
"Hmm, yum yum fishing for some fish!" I sing while using my tail to fish in a river in a large city.
   My name is Toma, and I'm not your typical 8-year-old boy. Not only do I look to be 14 as well as mentally, but I'm not 100% human either. I'm a half werecat boy who's been living out in the streets for years now after my family died.
   Unfortunately, I could never forget how they died even if I wanted to. I had severe nightmares up until recent years, but the scene of them being murdered right before my eyes always left me with intense emotions. Thinking about them always makes me feel lonely, but I'm doing fine surviving so far!
   "Oh, hey! I caught a big fish this time!" I said as I grab the fish that's still on my tail.
  Oops, I didn't mean to attract the attention of people passing by, but I was so happy to catch a good meal that I was a tad loud. While I was trying to keep hold of the fish, I noticed that some of them were staring at me and
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Sorry, I couldn't get on the net recently. For those of you who wished my grandpa to get better, thank you. As for my grandpa, he passed on yesterday evening... He had a clean healthy bill too and it all happened too fast and sudden. Warning: if your thyroids are harder than normal, go to the doctors immediately as it may be aggressive cancer.   
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 Well, pretty soon I'll be doing commissions. Of course, that's once I figure out how to use Paypal. The reason for this is personal for me. A member of my family has recently become ill and it may be serious. We don't know for sure 100% yet, but we'll find out tomorrow. The doctors' guess is that it might be... Ah, I'd rather not say yet until we know for sure. Sorry.

   Originally, I was thinking of doing commissions because my uncle's family got into a big debt but this issue is much more serious and urgent. Don't worry, when I do commissions, it won't be something like $50 even though I'd very much appreciate that. I will probably start with $1-$10 first(depending on what kind of drawing I do.) Also, before giving me a commision, make sure you have permission or have money to spare/use.

  [Still working out the commision menu and figuring out how to use paypal, etc.]


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I'm a self taught Traditional Artist who also does digital, though I'm exploring other ways of art to do.. well thinking of. I'm also decent with singing.. though.. T.T I suck at remembering Lyrics! Not to mention I screw up a lot! I've been drawing since 1st grade and also during this time I loved to do sounds.. I'd Mimic Digimon and Pokemon at this time though forgotten how they sound like with Digimon as well as other things.. that's about it for my ID.


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