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Icy Skies by Losmios Icy Skies by Losmios
Icy Skies by Losmios (print image)


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Detail shot

Red is one of those companions you have. When I was really young, the image of him standing on a snowclad cliff in a white blizzard came to me, and ever since he's been my silent and mysterious companion. He has never spoken to me, but I know he is very wise.
I've not drawn him nearly a smany times as some others of my characters, but red shows his face ever ow and then, always in a snowy landscape. I think his the king of white peaks and crisp pristine air, and he plays in the snow from morn till night.

First of all, I know the clouds are below my standards, I usually put a lot more effort into them, but you see my screen passed away a while ago, and I've been trying to adjust to this flat lsc screen my dad has lent me instead. It's prooving to be quite the challenge to draw on, the color sbehave very differently, especially white tones are very hard to hanndle! So please excuse any oddness that might be a result of this change!

edit: I forget! The whole reason why this image came into existance! *rewston uploaded some awesome wing stock to her stock account, and I could not resist to use one as reference for a pegasus image!

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! Mia Bengtsson© 2007
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xxTwinWolvesxx Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012
This is so gorgeous. It's always nice to have that one special being that's always with you.
ladyarah Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I just wanted to let you know that I featured this in "Realms of Fantasy and Myth: Week 31 - Pegasus", you can find it here: [link]
GrayLynx Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010
JayneLions Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2009  Student Interface Designer
Details are beautiful!
Cowgirl-Hank Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009
this is unbelievably amazing. its breathtaking
smile4mejenny Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
That is so pretty <3 !
cerasi1 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2008
This one gives me happy feelings.
RedCloudWater Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2008
Great detail ^^
BeautyLoveDivine Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2008
I really love this piece
i love how thewhite really enhances the red

i drew a sketch of it
see what you think (:

246221 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2008
Sayder-Cascading Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
what else can i say? lol =D

love the contrast of the red horse against the white mountains!!!
magnificent job!!!!!!
Villa-Chinchilla Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
O__O Wow, I seriously love the color palette here. Simply gorgeous! The mountains are also very well done - as with the red Pegasus wings + anatomy :heart:
Conner999 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2008   Photographer
The detail of the wings is amazing. I would love to be able to create something like that.
hana-ginkawa Featured By Owner May 24, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow. So brilliant and beautiful.
MorgaineAnne Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2008
great :) especially wings
Padawancats Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2008
Wow!! I am in love
TheRainWolf3 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2008
Another incredible piece. You do very well on capturing the details. This reminds me of "Fire and Ice". The contrasting is very well done. Another fav.
purplekyloe Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2007  Student General Artist
this is simply beautiful
the colours are so contrasting but they just look GOOD xD
im sorry i dont know how to say it ^^;
but the point is i love it :D
Koffee-Krazy Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2007  Hobbyist
wow I love it! the mood of the picture is so...majestic and peaceful. also you have great technique. you should do a tutorial on how you do that!
aries2203 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
I love the gorgoues red of the horse and its powerful wings. Stunning.
QuantumTyme Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2007
wow that's just breath taking!
minime2210 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow already so many comments but I fear one more wont hurt even if it goes unread. I love this piece, makes me feel free and its good to see so much detail in your work as usual. :clap:
miksrider Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2007
oh wow that is beautiful!
TinorialPeredhil Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2007
So peaceful and magical! Despite the wings, the horse looks very realistic and majestic. Beautiful picture! Thank you for sharing!
angelasayno25 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2007
wow, he is beautiful! I wouldn't of thought of a red Pegasus with a snowy background, its really unique. I also have an image that sticks with me, but I can't draw well, unfortunately. Definite fav though!
kremia Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
AmAzInG:D :+fav:
ladydel Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2007
I'm not really a horse person generally, but your paintings remind me of dreams I used to have when I was a child.
PerpetualTwilight21 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2007
Beautiful depiction from the magnificent flying red pegasus to the icy snow-blown landscape! Well worthy of my faves list!
TNHawke Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2007
absolutely stunning!
awsmdragonqueen Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
beautiful contrast! and the way you drew Red...he's very beautiful and appears very venerable.

gotta fav. ^^

(i also like how the snow flies up around where he's taking off, and the mountains in the i said, incredible contrast!)
Ponytail Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
shame on me, I haven't commented on this picture yet! The contrast between the sky and the horse is wonderful... love the fresh and bright colours! this one's gotta be one of your best pieces so far :)
Raifie Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2007
he looks fantastic and the background is spell-binding.
bye bye
AmandaDrage Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2007
beautiful and inspiring as always... just what I needed to see. I think this is one of your finest yet. I absolutely love the firey chestnut colour against the cool blue, and the slender wings. wondrous :)
crypticFallon Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2007
Words can't not describe how beautiful this is...
ScorpioWaterAngel Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2007

Lovely. :)
daniellemasucci Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2007
beautiful! i love the vibrancy of the colors, the way they create contrast and mood. just amazing.
SoulLostAtSea Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
:jawdrop: That is so freaking AWESOME!!!
Avitalli Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2007
Oh. My. God.
-Speechless for the first time in... ever-
Letalla Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2007
Stunning. Just..seriously stunning. The detail just blows my mind. One reason I love looking at your art and look forward to your uploads. [: The background looks so real. The wings are extremely cool too [:
Lashael Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2007  Student General Artist
I'm sorry, I can't help it! My mouse is moving to the fav button! This is spetactular, and the feathers and wings are very realistic, and you made them look like he could actually fly with them too. I love the pose and his slight glance back (at least to me). I think I want to steal Red ^^ Hope to see more of him around
falconfire Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2007
You did a really good job on the wings! This is really beautiful!
kai-stork Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
This is positively fantastic. I've been looking around at your art for a while, and I love all of it. I would favorite every single thing you have, but I suppose that it might get just a little redundant.

The watermarking issue is sad, but totally understandable. And it doesn't matter over-much, because your art shines through anyway.

I love love love your colors, how bright the pegasus is... it's simply stunning. Red is a difficult color for so many people, they go over crazy with it and you can't see any of the detail, but you did the absolutely most perfect job with this.

Thank you for still putting your art on dA, even though there are people that would make you rather not.
ebonysoul Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2007  Student
*falls out of chair and dies from eyeball overload*
hyperthermophile Featured By Owner May 31, 2007
Wow!!! This is a truly amazing piece of art!!! :D The pose is realistic and well executed, and the snow swirling about is a really delicate but pretty touch!!! I love this so much!

Also, thank you for being considerate enough to remove the watermark. For those of us who don't wanna steal or rip off your art, it just makes it that much more enjoyable!!! :D Thank you!
narutorox2 Featured By Owner May 31, 2007
it's cool being able to see the whole pic, it looks really good
JerseyAce Featured By Owner May 31, 2007
Beautiful, the sentimental value you have for the character really brings life to it.
Opal-Koboi Featured By Owner May 31, 2007
OOOoooooo that's awesome!! I love the color of the horse!! :D

Gosh kitsunenutter relax it's just a title besides it's a good title!!! It's not YOUR art anyway!!!
Nuuhku87 Featured By Owner May 31, 2007
Beautifull! I love the way you manage to work with the snow. It's so realistic way that the snow fly around the pegasus when he kick in to the air. Also the wings are very beautifull ^__^
Benedikte Featured By Owner May 31, 2007
Fallen-angel941 Featured By Owner May 30, 2007
THis is absolutely gorgeous! i have a young chestnut trekhener that this reminds me of. He's going to be an amazing jumper.

But honestly, this is beautiful. His color is magnificent.
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