[Open]LF Snaptraps (Lantern/Cursed/Sleek/Pixie)

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Last edited October 19th.

I am looking for snaptraps, particularly lantern and cursed/infected snaps, as well as sleek and pixie snaps. I am offering designs from here.

  • Hoodjinx
  • Scarfox
  • Grem2 (Mantagrem)
  • Impim (rehaul eligible, currently redesigning)
  • Cuppa duck
  • Neverling
  • Magiborb
  • Birdfolk
  • Unidraks
  • An on base Quillcoil design
  • Mercuriym design
  • Koigon
  • Bakiri myo ticket
Th Ft by Loskkiy

I can also trade any Flightrising items here (or combination of items) for snaptraps. Depending on the snaptrap offered, I'd be willing to trade multiple designs, FR items, or offer USD on top of a trade.

I like a lot of color combos and marking themes, and have a small folder of snaps that slap. (A note, these are not all the snaps I like or a dreamies list, it's a general ideas folder. Do not bother the owners of these snaptraps if they are not for sale/trade either, I will block you and refuse any future trades/sales) I am looking for some of the snap from this list, if you own any from here hmu to see if we can work something out.

I also have some snaptraps for swap here:
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I have this pixie I could trade for the kat?

Pixie: 072
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Thank you for the offer, but no thank you.

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Any interest in swapping your kittom for this kittom? They have rare odd eyed: https://worldofeyre.com/character/ELN1332

Loskkiy's avatar

They don't interest me for swap no, but thank you for the offer.

CandyChameleon's avatar

Would you be willing to consider non-lantern/cursed snaptraps for your kittom? since I saw that not all the ones in your faves were that subspecies

I have this snap?

Pixie: 116
Loskkiy's avatar

Oh gosh, I'd consider for that fella. Gimme till the Kittom is officially tradeable to see if anyone else offers?

CandyChameleon's avatar

sure!! thanks for considering, lmk whatever you decide!! ^^

Loskkiy's avatar

Hey, letting you know they're off cool down if you're still interested in trading them for the pixie snap.

CandyChameleon's avatar

Yes I am!! ♥ I'm about to head to bed, but if you're sure about the trade I can send them to you on the masterlist and on TH tomorrow! lmk what your TH is ^^

Loskkiy's avatar

My TH is Loskkiy. :> I'll transfer the Elnin on TH, let me know what your world of eyre name is and I'll have their ML updated. :>

CandyChameleon's avatar

Transfers sent! my WoE name is CandyChameleon, thank you so much!! ♥

Loskkiy's avatar

Got em. And send a transfer request on WoE.

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Added some designs FT since last month! Elnin, Scarfox, Impim, and Cuppa Duck were added since. (Scarfox is on a long cooldown till mid July for any interested)

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Hello! Long shot, but you've got a similar snap in your fav folder, I wondered if this one might interest you for Zuul?

Standard: 639

Alternatively i've got these others if one catches your interest instead

Standard: 627
Standard: 323
Standard: 213
Loskkiy's avatar

I'm actually seriously considering the first boop, give me a day or two so I can draw them and see how much I like drawing and coloring them?

KingSpektre's avatar

Sure thing, sounds great to me. :)

Loskkiy's avatar

I tried drawing them and they're not for me but thank you for offering.

One picture of the boop.

KingSpektre's avatar

That's unfortunate news but I'm very grateful you decided to share your drawing with me <3 best of luck to you for better offers

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Ik you’re looking for cursed snaps, but are you interested in https://www.deviantart.com/oniongrump/art/Snap-Trap-Custom-Drop-off-869643216 (Desert Lurker) for Zuul? I can also throw in some art, but if you’re just looking for cursed no worries

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I'm not really interested in that snaptrap no. But thank you for offering.

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Hello! Does this snap at all interest you in exchange for Striker or Lydia?


Loskkiy's avatar

They don't interest me sorry.

Loskkiy's avatar

Updated the journal and edited in images. Because I can.

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