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Losing : Day 58
Shhhhh, don't disturb
Hear that voice? listen
A crack on my heart
it's about to crash, i'm guessin'
Keep it low, please
It won't take long
Doesn't take much to happen
One look from you, if i'm not wrong
A look that lacks everything
Your shaky hand, stroking my hair
I'm not so experienced in love
But I can tell , when it's not there
:iconlosing-wieght:losing-wieght 3 12
Losing : Day 57
Hold your pen, and draw me the line
Where does it end, my limits.
How hard, how deep can I love you?
Mention all the rules, don’t forget a bit
I can’t promise you I can end it
If you don’t stop me, I will never quit
I might believe that you love me
And I’ll try to take the place where I don’t fit
I might try to be by your side, next to you
A no where for me to sit
So draw me the line, I’ll follow the rules
And you can keep my heart that you slit
:iconlosing-wieght:losing-wieght 4 18
Losing : Day 56
Weight : 78.7
Stretch your hand reach out, yell
There’s a light at the end, I’m sure
It was your fault that you fell
They can’t hear you, scream no more
Why is your hand still up?
Do you really think anyone would come?
Give it up already, your hand is numb
Why does your heart deny it was dumped?
What’s the point of believing?
When you see the end of the road
Closed with no way for escaping
It was the turned back you saw not the nod
No one’s coming, give up, and listen to me
It won’t hurt much if it was fast
Accept the fact it was never meant to be
And that what never happened can never last
:iconlosing-wieght:losing-wieght 4 7
Losing : Day 55
Weight : 78.8
I promise I won’t dream anymore
I promise you that this is my last desire
Not looking to the past nor the future
Disappearing like a candle’s fire
It wasn’t my choice to love you
And it wasn’t your choice either
And I try not to be selfish
So I try hard not to get closer
It’s a lonely long path I have to walk
And although I know it’s a dead end
Though I’m not the one by your side, I’m still there
It doesn’t hurt if I pretend
That you are mine and no one can take you
It’s a sweet dream that is soon to be over
Sad, isn’t it? My destiny
I understand that I only deserve your leftovers
You are my umbrella when I’m your rain
You are my sun when I’m your clouds
I’m your bracelet that is made of beads
When you are my treasure that I finally found
:iconlosing-wieght:losing-wieght 6 19
Losing : Day 54
You take me back to throw me away
Distorted, out of dimensions
The same mistake, left alone
Neglected, with no happy emotions
I need to pull myself together
And figure everything out
Get the pieces of the me that I’ve lost
Though there’s still a piece I haven’t found
And it’s not my soul, not my mind
Because I’ve lost them form the start
You have it with and I can’t have it
Please, give me back my heart.
:iconlosing-wieght:losing-wieght 6 23
Losing : Day 53
Weight : 78.8
You keep wandering around death
And you think your savior is this?
You don’t hold my hand
My last chance that I missed
My tears won’t be able to bring you
And my screams won’t reach you
And no matter how much I shake you and cry
Maybe you are in better place, brand new
And I wanted nothing, nothing,
But the warmth your smile bring
And I was dead before you and now I’m dead again
There’s no point of me dying, it’s the same thing
I can’t believe that life still goes on
I can’t believe birds still sing their song
You left me and the world stood still and mute
What reason do I have now to live on?
:iconlosing-wieght:losing-wieght 4 19
Losing : Day 52
Weight : 78.8
A pain, for every sin
A scream, for every crime
Ignoring my brain’s din
Where my lies dine
And I can feel it go through my veins
I can feel it in every muscle
I can see my thought’s train
Passing by in a hustle
But I know I shouldn’t fight it
I know what I’ve done
Though it’s a lot, but I deserve it
Watch me, as my last breath is gone
:iconlosing-wieght:losing-wieght 4 24
Losing : Day 51
Weight : 78.8
Broken promises
Wasted chances
Disappointed faces
And I just turn my back
Sinking hope
My faith elope
Too fast to stop
Never looking back
Fading trust
Hidden lust
But I know I must
One day, go back
A sweet escape
A bigger cage
One tiny step
And it will all crack
Tired from being alone
And I can no more hold on
And I just need someone
To pull me back
Again, hitting the ground
Crying without a sound
Tears are not allowed
Just payment for what you lack
Failure number hundred
Already been where I dread
I’m alive, still, so dead
Waiting for the awakening smack
But a heart so wasted
A person so hated
With happiness never fated
How could I ever pay back?
:iconlosing-wieght:losing-wieght 7 19
Losing : Day 50
Weight : 79kg
Sadly it’s true
I’m now used to not being with you
And you have to admit
That I did my best in every bit
You needed me and I was there
But it turned out that u don’t care
And I’m supposed to forgive
You took your time, now what do you have to give?
Do you know why nothing is the way it should be
Because you will not be the friend you said you would be
Movies aren’t movies because you’re not watching
Songs aren’t songs because you are not listening
People are not people because they pretend
I’m not who I used to be, because you are not my friend
:iconlosing-wieght:losing-wieght 2 10
Losing : Day 49
Weight : 79kg
Same old story, but different chapters
I fall in love, my heart breaks, a bit harder
And I never knew what is so wrong with my plot
Maybe it’s the things I said, and the things I did not
The books won’t help me, and even the stars
They never cared, although they’ve been there from the start
Still, they never cared, they only blink and yawn
While I sat wishing upon them so hard till dawn
“Please, let me be loved”
“Please, you are the only thing I trust”
“Please, make staying far easier”
“Please, please make me stronger”
But they just blink….
So, I’m again on my own
The last person I want to be with
It’s hateful to stay with the unknown
Struggling to know how, how without you I can live
:iconlosing-wieght:losing-wieght 4 7
Losing : Day 48
Weight : 79kg
The light that I saw once and hanged on to
Is mocking me now, and I have to let go
The rays of sun that I can’t catch
Though it’s blinding and my heart says no
But I can’t help it, I want to reach out
For freedom or maybe a bigger cage
My locked wings are screaming out
with thier voices mix with my soundless rage
Where is the Promised Land, my paradise?
All I see is the sand dunes all over
Is my fate only decided over a coin and a dice?
My, how is that supposed to make me stronger?
A prayer after a prayer for a sign
And it’s always the mirage not the water
And you say I should give it some time
But you’ve been lying since forever
:iconlosing-wieght:losing-wieght 4 14
Losing : Day 47
Weight : 79kg
You said your dream came true
And I hope your dream won’t fade too fast
Because my dream was to be your friend
And now it’s vanishing at last
Whisper it, say it, or scream it loud
It’s your actions not your words that count
I don’t want to hear or readan apology I want to see
That I actually matter for you and that’s what friendship’s about
Too may pictures we’ve drown together, of us
But it was only in pencil and I was erased, thus
Why should I come back when the canvas is full?
When I gave you everything and you raped my trust
I don’t want to talk about this anymore
Because what used to be sweet is now so sore
And I hate the pain, because I can’t tell you about it
A murderer wouldn’t save his victim, that’s for sure
:iconlosing-wieght:losing-wieght 5 17
Losing : Day 46
Weight : 79.2kg
To remember how we were together all the time
And how we understood each other’s signs
I wonder how our days will be like
After what happened, will the pieces ever bind?
When I’m with you morning quickly turn into noon
But now our memories fade like a half moon
I wondered so much before about our days to come
You forgot about me and indeed, it came too soon
I don’t need an apology, now, what would it mean
You are happy anyway, why would you want me
And sadly that’s the case, so
My words that I said, u just ignored it
Don’t say it wasn’t what you wanted
It was once us, and it still is?
Your friend that you shot
With your broken promises
And if u fell in the deepest mud
I’d help you, of course
But would you accept it or not?
Because you already did not
I know I tried to help you
Laughing together at our lame jokes
Making some stories and saying “that’s all folks!”
We could’ve done that till forever
They disappeared wi
:iconlosing-wieght:losing-wieght 5 18
Losing : Day 45
Weight : 79.5kilograms
Even though I’m not the beauty and you’re not the prince
But for me that doesn’t make any difference
Because you are shining without an armor
And you are my knight without being a horse rider
And they tell me all the time that I might be wrong
And they try to take you away but that only make me strong
Because I know that you may not be the best
But at least you are better than the rest
And I’m sure that my feelings for you are true
That no one other than you can help me when I feel blue
It’s such a fairy tale, but I love the happy endings
And I can read it so clearly , the last line “me & you”
:iconlosing-wieght:losing-wieght 6 30
Losing : Day 44
Weight : 79.5/159pounds
I’m not this, I’m not that
I’m just something in between
I’m not happy, I’m not sad
I just repeat the same scene
I just wake up everyday,
Pretending nothing ever happened
Claiming that I exist in a way
Waiting for my play to end
There’s nothing to say, not even one word
That explains how it’s like
Because I’m not happy or sad, not this or that
I’m blank, u can install whatever you think is fine
I don’t care, just delete your memories from my brain
So next time I open my eyes I’d not know who you are
I wouldn’t know from where I got all these scars
:iconlosing-wieght:losing-wieght 5 22
Losing : Day 43
Weight : 79.5kg/159pounds
So it actually comes second, our friendship
It doesn’t matter now, compared to your relationship
But it’s ok, I’ll just ignore
The pieces of the bond you tore
I was never good with words but I gave you mine
I was always a waster but I gave you my time
I didn’t do much, not more than what I should do
But now when you left, I fell like a fool
I still find it hard to understand what you are risking
So many memories in a ship that is sinking
And I don’t mind sinking with you, my friend
But at least look me in the eye when we face our end
:iconlosing-wieght:losing-wieght 4 24

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:iconthenightshedied:TheNightSheDied 199 93
W a k e.u p
Wake up..
Open your jaded eyelids, how many hours did you cry?
Last night you thought that the end draws nigh
How come you still exist? When your heart grows dead
Blood fails to pass the blockage of broken shreds
Yesterday's pain is bonded to your core
Perfect back-stabs sharper than before
Wake up..
A memory of suffering.. experimental love
What could top this pain that you can't get rid of
Fictional paradise of repeated mistakes
Was all yours once, was it worth the ache?
You can't live everyday bearing this regret
Things can go wrong it’s a fact you should accept
Wake up..
Leave this deep coffin, stop enjoying death
Ungratefulness is a shame, breathing is a bless
Hold on to your faith, Let this smoke clear
At the end a miracle comes, but it starts with a tear
Wake up......
:iconsupercat0000:SuperCat0000 16 44
Today I Feel by glamz Today I Feel :iconglamz:glamz 140 34
stitches appear from the expressionless mask
you bore me with your predictable acts
spare me one of your fake smiles
coz your sweet tongue no longer hides
that you're infected too
when did that happen to you!!
did you think i'd fall for you!!
i thought that, we'd hold hands
waiting together for our space-ship to land
setting distention, lay for hibernation
till it reaches our mysterious land
no promises were made...coz i've trusted what you said
the black slimy thoughts show through your skin
&your disgusting plans are running within
replacing red blood in your circulation
no air reaches the dying sensation
you're infected too
when did that happen to you!!
did you think i'd fall for you!!
i thought that, we'd hold hands
waiting together for our space-ship to land
setting distention, lay for hibernation
till it reaches our mysterious land
no promises were made...coz i've trusted what you said
we should've stayed far from each other
better than letting me discover
that you've turned into
:iconsoo-me:Soo-Me 10 44
You close your eyes, you see her face
You open them, you realize she’s gone
You feel her presence, she’s still here
She had no choice, it was her time
She couldn’t stay, even though she tried
But she was glad that you were near
It was so sudden, you weren’t prepared
You feel so helpless, you can’t bring her back
Though it’s unbelievable, you know it’s real
Life is not fair, it gives and takes
It makes you wonder if she is in a better place
Just pray for her to rest in peace
Embrace the pain and free your heart
Sorrow makes you cold and dead inside
Just accept, understand and show what you feel
Your tears won’t dry, your wound won’t heal
You won’t forget her, she didn’t disappear
She left you a memory, no one can steal
:iconmymisstry:MyMisstry 5 13
StupidFox - 5 by eychanchan StupidFox - 5 :iconeychanchan:eychanchan 20,855 2,142
This Poem
This poem
will be found
where you live,
somewhat short of breath,
missing an arm,
and looking
for the way
things used to be.
It will tell
the story of a dream
watching a dream.
Behind small jars
of cardamom
and bay leaf
you will catch
its scent, and,
as you move aside
a thing or two,
it will look up
with lips that purse
like an eye
to recite
all the words for blue
(which might also
be all the names
for wind, weariness,
and God).
It will tell you
what kind you have been,
the shoes you wore
when you were.
This poem
will be found
where poems always are.
:iconb1gfan:b1gfan 71 126
I refuse... Stamp by ladychimera I refuse... Stamp :iconladychimera:ladychimera 9,346 1,499 Sketch 10. losing-wieght by KelpyKrad Sketch 10. losing-wieght :iconkelpykrad:KelpyKrad 14 26 I Love Domo by TokiCrafts I Love Domo :icontokicrafts:TokiCrafts 19 27
Poetry Feature #74
This week's feature is:
En dur ing by ~Satah
And I spoke to my walls, discovering that the only difference
          between them and her was
               a coat of paint and a pulse,
                    and often-- just the more

Discovered by: *marzguy
Selected by: *PunknEra, ~insomaniac55, ~surrfant, *AngelofGod87 &
:iconthefavoritesproject:TheFavoritesProject 9 2
13. White-winged Dove
Singing to each individual person.
Taking them to her world.
Tempting, protecting.
Shielding us from the people that wish to hurt.
Created by nature, she flies wild and free.
Her eyes have seen things that we will never.
I think she wants to be loved.
She wears this disguise to hide her real self.
She has her enemies, and she has her friends.
She's been betrayed, by her dearest.
La Bella Vita.
She wants to believe it.
Lonely and waiting.
Waiting for what she doesn't know will happen.
Her life is just a Beautiful Lie.
:iconsoul-reader:Soul-Reader 3 6
Real Objects
Real Objects
Spicer wrote to Lorca to say, “I would like to make
poems out of real objects. The lemon to be a lemon
that the reader could cut or squeeze or taste – a real lemon
like a newspaper in a collage is a real newspaper.”
I read that Spicer wrote this, but not that Lorca wrote back
with his reply. I don’t have such a letter; I have not seen that I do.
I have not looked to see that I do; not even today as I
give all thought to this. Is that as real as a lemon can be?
To go on without looking for a letter, simply because
the light is better here at the red edge of the table,
merely because there is no world beyond the chant of a fan
in a summer window – to think nothing of a Spanish balcony
left open to a voice and some passing hours, but to know
that loving you is effortless as death, clear as carrion
coming bareheaded off the bone, tart as a lemon?
You should do as you like – leave the balcony open
or closed, wait to the end of this line or well int
:iconb1gfan:b1gfan 21 54



United Arab Emirates
Favourite genre of music: Good Music
Favourite style of art: Impressionism, Pop Art
Personal Quote: No Pain No Gain
This journal ntry is not gonna be about me , it's gonna be about my nation.

About human beings that ar getting killed as you are reading now,it's about the people f Gaza!

right now they are getting bombed and killed , so far 428 people died including 60 kid, 2200 wounded and still, the Israeli won't stop.

i know you may really not be concerned about the middle east issues , or maybe you live far away to do anything, as we all are somehow helpless.

but all what i wish that as a human , you would understand , and say NO to all this violence!!! NO MORE KILLING!!!




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