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101 Ways To Lose The Game

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1. "Pez" by ~LoseTheGameDotCom
2. "Marbles" by DMarden
3. "DeviantART" by ~xNarc0tic
4. "Pink Elephant" by ~avatar0kyle
5. "pRice" by ~KippahMaster
6. "Robot Unicorn" by ~Knifeless-Juliet
7. "Star Wars" by *meeper1988
8. "Duck" by ~terresebatate
9. "Fail" by ~smalltownactor
10. "Love Game" by ~Hana--sama
11. "Sticky notes" by ~annador
12. "Anime Central" by *Nytengale-Tyme
13. "" by ~everdeen13
14. "Thug Aim" by ~labbe-fabbe
15. "CHEEEZ burgah" by ~AndyTheElite
16. "Russian roulette" by ~Tissen
17. "SNES" by ~ErikBjornor
18. "S4 League" by =PiXoGeniX
19. "Mudkip" by ~Dark-Soul-in-Process
20. "Kingdom Hearts II" by ~ScarletAnneBlack
21. "Circle You" by ~SpandexMarmalade
22. "Russia" by !Laurachan486
23. "btw" by ~im-anna
24. "Orange Sock Piano" by ~TodayWasAFairytale
25. "7" by ~DutchDragonZeeland
26. "Pancakes" by ~CamerSavashlyn
27. "Madarao" by ~SoulEaterScourge
28. "Pineapple" by ~iEatYourFace
29. "The Game" by ~eoghan-of-the-funk
30. "Pokemon" by *Kasumeh-chan
31. "Haunted Jack-In-The-Box" by ~ab103
32. "Watch" by ~Radnusio
33. "Free Squiddly" by ~Asteriski
34. "Sweeney Todd" by ~Emo-Luver11
35. "BANANA!!!" by ~Sora-Horsey
36. "Horrid Pets" by ~katashima
37. "Abraham Lincoln" by ~CaptainHersheyBar
38. "Saw" by ~spicelilytwist
39. "LOL WUT" by ~DSiman55
40. "The Cake Is A Lie" by ~LightsGuardians
41. "Russia" by :devPrussianfan97:
42. "Trollface" by ~James-Mizuhara
43. "Lilly" by =randomberry7949
44. "Scrabble" by ~splattermusic
45. "Near" by ~Psychotoxicity
46. "Magikarp" by ~Inner-Bright
47. 'Bagel" by ~EdwardC1901
48. "Shoop Da Whoop" by ~Kristza
49. "Chuck Norris" by ~Willow-of-the-forest
50. "My Sister the She-Devil" by ~OwlinAMinor
51. "Exodia" by ~teramaster
52. "Fainting" by ~SwoaXz
53. "Rick Astley" by !xXChibiChimpXx
54: "Monopoly" by :devZuzu75:
55. "Potatoes" by ~SlasherBunni
56. "Yearbook" by ~ArgentaLazuli
57. "Nintendoh" by ~calegaea75432
58. "Video Games" by :devfailure404:
59. "LOST" by ~ZConsortium
60. "The Game Show Network" by *GhostKITTEN
61. "Cabbage" by ~ChocoboRacer
62. "Ender's Game" by =WhereShadowsThrive
63. "Cup Cake" by ~tophluvssokka
64. "Pie" by ~DaughterofHermes
65. "Moderator" by ~Scheve94
66. "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" by ~District-12-Tribute
67. "Gatorade" by ~hollywood191
68. "Ryuk" by ~shadowthehh
69. "Dragon Drive" by ~DarkNaraX
70. "Marmalade" by ~Maeras
71. "DeviantArt TheGameCommunity" by !xXFarisatakaXx
72. "Math" by ~Pigeonfoot
73. "I lost The Game" by ~AngelStar100
74. "GAME OVER" by ~umbreonlover82
75. "4H-clover" by ~brandy212
76. "Friends" by ~RinAkurei
77. "Giygas" by ~Alavesa
78. "I sold it on eBay" by ~Wolf-Dreams
79. "Lost The Game" by ~Frubban
80. "Trapt" by ~DarkNaraX
81. "Weegee" by ~Unown512
82. "Bill Kaulitz" by ~x-Reptar
83. "Luxord" by :devBulbie-chain:
84. "Triforce" by ~Super-Radical
85. "Rage guy" by :devChibiZexion-VI"
86. "42" by :devLazDude2012"
87. "Zetsubou Shita" by ~Akita-Teki
88. "Askart's Icon" by ~KittyTheNekoAlien
89. "Paint" by ~Harry-Potter-Addict
90. "Penguin" by ~SilverShadow777
91. "Canyons" by ~MistyDawnAmara
92. "Portal Cake" by ~darthmustache
93. "Lady Gaga" by *kio-mazaru
94. "Schoolhouse Rock" by ~Incognetoed0takuXD
95. "TV Broadcast" by ~RenamonsRevenge
96. "Demyx Time" by ~TheArcticFlame
97. "Barney Stinson" by =SARU-003
98. "Linkin Park" by =eon-krate32
99. "Feel The Game" by ~Stojke13
100. "101 Ways to Lose The Game" by !22980
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are these your pogs collection
VivaFariy's avatar
Mine would be CTY. And after that things like "I won" but that's obvious. 
ElfenLiedMMD's avatar
TRIFORCE!Spirit Tracks Link And Zelda Mr.HMS... YOU SCARY! Crawl Toonlink Super Secret Agent Of Secrecy  Link Link's been doing grandma soup again. hello there frie- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Link Shocked Zelda..... One of the scariest zelda moments... EVER. Lelelelelele 
PotionLily's avatar
THE CAEK IS A LIE -tableflip-
CurruptedCynder's avatar
i like the LOST one.
illithi4's avatar
...what does le russia have to do with the game? Oh well, off to see every single episode of hetalia till I find it.
Leahpire's avatar
ever heard the song "kagome, kagome" ? one verse translates EXACTLY to "children, you just lost the game" WTF?!?
DeviantART789789's avatar
Become one with Mother Russia, da?
OneThousandMoons's avatar



*goes into a corner* whyyy....!?!??!
Firepebble01's avatar
Well, one of my friends losses the game whenever she hears a cuss word :iconwthplz:
i lose when someone tells me they lost or i read THE GAME somewhere x-x
Well, i know what im doing today :3
ScarlettaRose1's avatar
*looses too. nice sig!!!
Firepebble01's avatar
Fudge x-x (me and my bad spelling :noes: )
And thanks ^^
xoPuppyKissesxo's avatar
lol i say fudge too :iconmingplz:
Firepebble01's avatar
:dummy: I knew im not alone!

:iconfacedeskforeverplz: i just lost the game again....
xoPuppyKissesxo's avatar
You just made me lose! *shoots with evil Nyan cat lazer*
Firepebble01's avatar
:dummy: BRING IT!!

(i lost too, as long as we keep replying to this xD)
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omg, it is finished!!!!!
LoseTheGameDotCom's avatar
It's finally finished guys. Feel free to print it out and stick it up everywhere! Thanks for all the contributions.

Anything else that makes you lose The Game? Start posting your ideas here and if there's enough interest we could start work on "101 More Ways To Lose The Game"!
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