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my first tattoo!!!

i LOVE Calvin and Hobbes, it was my favorite comic when i was a kid, i have all the books somewhere at my moms house in florida.

and so, i got Hobbes! and on the other side of me, im debating between 3 images of calvin :D

and THANK :iconshoutai: SOO MUCH for coming with me.
i was squeezing her hand so tight i thought i was gonna break it ^_^;;

oh! the eye isnt messed up, its just the pic.
i ABSOLUTELY love it
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Dec 9, 2007, 6:59:34 AM
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That is big. :)

You are sure to get some kisses from that. :) :)
soylent-hobbes's avatar
Hah! I've got plans for the same one! Smaller, though. That looks awesome :)
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That's a great tattoo :DD
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that is adorable wants one xxx
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Freakin awesome...
leiko7fox's avatar
if i was to ever get a tattoo... this would be a good choice :D

very cute! are you ever going to get a Calvin?
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Oh wow, that is way to cute! <3
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I love it too... Yesterday I was talking to a friend that I wanted to do a Tattoo of Hobbes and today I've found this here *-*
didyousayNINJA's avatar
some ppl get some crazy tattoos but i think this one is perfect. plus i love hobbes
lickmymind's avatar
My fave comic. Great design and work. cheers!
1976smell's avatar
Love the tattoo. I agree and I also think that Calvin n' Hobbes was the best mix of art and thought. I don't usually go for tattoo's but this one takes the cake, it's awesome, can't wait to see you Calvin one :D
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I love this <3 so much <3333
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Ooooooo That is A.W.E.S.O.M.E!! <3
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excellent choice on your first tattoo :)
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I think this is awesome! Now I want one >.>
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Who says tattoos don't mean anything anymore?
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