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Friendship Grows Part One


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"Friendship Grows is about prejudice, how it forms, and how quickly it devolves.

When a member of the royal family is murdered, all eyes point to hybrids, the children of pony and non-pony relationships, as the culprits. Larkspur, a hybrid teenager who once only cared about getting through school, is thrust into a battle he never thought he would have to fight. When it seems civil war is on the horizon, it is up to Larkspur and his newly found friends to end it before it begins."
PAGE ONE:  Friendship Grows Page 1 by Loryska

And here she is! Just gotta say I'm so stoked to finally be starting on this! This will be the comic form of my next gen main story, featuring lots of high school drama, family drama, murder and eventually, global scale turmoil. Can't wait to begin this journey with all of you! I hope you enjoy it! 

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is there a place to read the story other then this comic version?

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No, I'm afraid. I'm not a very strong writer so I find comics suit my storytelling better. If I had my most ideal way, I would animate it. cx

A progressive-minded princess's work is never done, I fear.

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I love everyone’s expression but especially Lark’s. Blushy tsundere noodle boy :heart:

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Well, strike me for very excited and very nervous!

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Count me intrigued!

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"When a member of the royal family is murdered-" I am suddenly terrified of who the victim is going to be, yikes. There's like four royal kids, their parents- oh boy.

Besides that suspense, the cover looks amazing! This is the first time I've heard of a next gen artist doing a complete comic with their characters, so I'm really excited about reading it!

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I ´m really happy and impress about this project. Congrats for the begin of the comic !
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omg dude can’t wait!! I wish I had the patience and skill to make a comic hnnn. Your last one was definitely awesome and I’m sure this one will be too

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What last one? Is there a previous comic Lory made that I don't know about?

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That would be my ”Moon Landing” comic, which you can find here:

Moon Landing Page 1
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Oooooo look at all the kids!!!

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What an awesome cover!

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This sounds interesting!

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Oh awesome..can't wait!

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ahh yes you did it! looks great lory, cant wait to see the comic~<3

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This sounds so amazing, I can't wait to see what happens! :D

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