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excuse me while i hygiene post

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Nautilus18's avatar

I think Larkspur should save up a years worth of cut hair and then magically attach said hair to the heads of as many statues as he can.

Wow, your hair sure grows quickly.

blehblehbleh2132's avatar

this nightmary is a sign of the future !!

JackieBloom's avatar

Magically grow hair each night. Sell to wig-makers. Profit. ..Though, maybe he's gotta eat a lot more to actually grow, what, half-a-kilo of hair? each night. So maybe not that much profit =P

InkyPrinceRick's avatar

everyone: *points out his hair cuts*

me: hehe *points out larkspur blep on last panel.

tigreanpony's avatar

This is very interesting, I really love how you are building the world and the characters here.

stories-of-heroes's avatar

Does he have to cut his hair every morning?

Loryska's avatar

Yup! It's basically second nature to him at this point. It doesn't grow indefinitely, it just regrows to the same length every night.

KingkyLeor's avatar


i love long hair but also imagine the POWERMOVE of just cutting it for an occasion and it just comes back tomorrow ehjbcjierjhkej)

stories-of-heroes's avatar


(I mean not for him, but I love little details like that ^^)

Spyvern's avatar

I know he's trying to be an individual, but I do love him with long hair, it's so beautiful! :'O

Lostface-001's avatar

I-is he trying to cut off his connection with his past?

Delta52775's avatar

So I wonder what he plans to do?


I am guessing he is cutting his hear in order to differentiate him self from his mother (who usually has long hair ) more .

In a form of miner rebellion as well as doing it in order exercising some form of control over his own look - appearance in the proces trying to establish his own sovereignty in what ewer ways are available to him , understandable .

Alto his initial reasons might be somewhat questionable , the end result of him both exercising his own sovereignty as well as having what seems to be a rutine is somewhat healthy for him all things considered .

IvoryTheDraconequus's avatar


NinjatheChameleon's avatar

Everyone is taking note he cuts his hair, but let me say…..he’s holding the scissors wrong. He has it upside down with how he wants to cut. And Also, he’s the son of discord, his hair probably grows due to the chaos magic

MidnightFire1222's avatar

Guess he doesn't like his hair long. It looks so good on him though. What a shame.

RenWren's avatar

Looks like he's not too thrilled to be chopping off his hair, even though it appears to spontaneously grow overnight.

Nautilus18's avatar

While Larkspur cutting his hair is an important part of this picture, let's not gloss over the fact that he is gargling the shower water.

FableCaster's avatar

Why is that a noteworthy thing? o_O

Nautilus18's avatar

It's not noteworthy, just something that needed to be pointed out so others wouldn't miss it.

Nautilus18's avatar

This is how the class clown wakes up every day.

Wolfie-Sparks's avatar

*haircut animation meme plays in the bg*

also rip cutting hair after shower,, pink and white flufs everywhere

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