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1. :icontask-master:(x2) 1) JJ and his friends (4 characters) 2)Melody ,JJ and his friends (in chibis)
2. :iconcrazyabby2012: 4 full sketch commission $30

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  • dAhub
    Donated Feb 10, 2018, 8:57:37 PM


:iconoc-vs-the-world: :iconlorsean-fc:


LorSean's Profile Picture
Lauren Faust
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
:bulletred: Call me Lor or Sean
:bulletred: (turning 18 this year)
:bulletred: 1997/4/21
:bulletred: White/Red/Blue

My other dA Account mainly for Yugioh fanarts (ask me first)

:bulletblue: Fav Artstyle: Yugioh style /Bleedman style etc
:bulletblue: Fav type of music: Cheerful song

:bulletyellow: Hair color: Dark Brown
:bulletyellow: Eye color :brown
:bulletyellow: Fav food :I eat everything except seafood
:bulletyellow: Anything
:bulletyellow: Status:Single
:bulletyellow: Attitude:Cheerful (sometimes can be very fierce too)
:bulletyellow: Movies: (i barely watch movies)

im noob

-----Friends in Real life-------
:iconlyviasmilesmile: :iconayza-chan::iconroa-hate: :iconhuinous:

They're awesome people :meow:


  • Listening to: One OK Rock
  • Reading: My journal
  • Watching: Fanart
  • Playing: Knock knock
  • Eating: Pancakes
  • Drinking: hot coco
really guys?? XD

1. You must post these rules. 
2. Each person must share 10 things about themselves . 
3. Answer the 10 questions, then invent another 10 questions for people who will tagged
4. Choose 10 people and place their icons .
5. Inform them that were tagged them . 
6. Nothing "hey!, if you read this, damn stay for life with this tag " . 
7. You should definitely tag 10 people. 
8. You can return the tag. 
9. You cannot say " I will not do this tagg " . 
10. Tag in journal , not a review, just in journal.


10 Facts about me

I love Tuna.
2. I'm VERY addicted to Tuna.
3. I'm allergic of any seafood, they'll kill me in no time...well, except tuna :meow:....
4. I can isolate myself in my room, facing my pc for 24 hours non sto-...wait i need to take a piss...*walks out of the room*
5. I can see ghost.
6. I'm a guy...with boobs, what? never seen guy with watermelon on his chest b4? wow, i must b really weird
7. I'm Asian.
8. i'm 18 with the body of 14 year old guy/girl.
9. i have an imaginary friend called ...Luann, no hes real
10. I love to make people fangirl/fanboy.
11. I love my family and friends. (additional ppfff)


Tagged by :icondasketcherz:

Question Asked to Me:

1. Hello! How are you today?
R: Pretty good, today is my birthday XD

2. How's life going on for you?
R: Tough, bullies ...but hey! they's juz bullies what else?? XD

3. For how long have you been a member here at deviantArt?
R: 2 years!

4. What's the best thing you like about this website?
R: I met many artist who i can share my fandom and arts with!

5. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your improvements in your art recently and why?
R: 5 XD actually...i dunnoo

6. As an artist, what are the possible tips you could share for your other fellow artists who as well are striving to improve their own work of art? Atleast one.
Just enjoy what ya draw, don't mind improving your will come naturally as long as you love what you're doing.

Which one do you prefer as your tool for doing art, paper and pencil or pen tablet? Why?
pen tablet

Who is/are your inspiration in making a work of art any time?
hmm...when i first came to dA ,bleed fandom motivated me alot, but now i rather draw when i feel like to

How long does it take you to finish a one full colored and total finished product artwork?
depends on my mood :meow:

Are you satisfied with your care? o--o )
Good service 1000 outta 10! *thumbs up*


Tagged by :iconroa-hate:

Question Asked to Me:


2. What's your favorite kind of disaster?
none, but having my Tuna being stolen by my brother is disaster...//sobs

3. Fast anwser! How's the best to quietly kill someone?
I know, tickle the victim until he/she passes out and bury him/her alive, there will be no trace or evidence that ya did it (no really i make my friend laughed so hard before she passes out more than 3 times...hope shes okay tho..)

4. Would you sell your soul for something like, I dunno... Power or whatevs?
yea sure, so i can prank ya whenever i want XD

5. Quickly! Hold my hand! *flies to the sunset*
*holds* weeeeee *O* !!....-3 sec later- ARRRGHHHHHH IT BURNSSS!!

6. What? the last question wasn't a question?
R: YAS! wait ..where did ya got yar wings can i have em?

7. Anarchy!!!
R: PANTY!!! really ,PASWG lol

8. want some tacos with your liver?
Sure i can make a soup out of it.

9. Nachos or waffles?

10. you're handed the most powerful thing in the universe! what punishment do you wish to inflic for those who bullied you once?
R: i'll make them scream ''I love justin bieber!!!!'' best punishment ever, dont ya think?


Tagged by :iconyukisnishika:

Question Asked to Me:

.....The same as the questions to me up there~ Up fella (Reactions)

R: oh, i already answered all of em XD

Am not gonna tag anyone sorry ppfff //lazy

Anyway guys, thanks alot for your birthday wishes ! ^^ BLESS YOU!


Tagged by :iconbigrkap:

My Questions:
1.What's your favorite color?
Red/Orange n White :meow:

2.If you could only eat one dish for the rest of your live, what would it be?
That should be obvious.....TUNA!

3.What's your favorite childhood tv-show?
.......Tinky winky ,Dipsy, Lala~...pfff.....Po..YAY! Teletubbies.....teletubbies ~ppff (i know...its lame, but i wont lie lol)

4.What's your favorite anime/ tv show? Favorite character from that anime/ tv show?
HunterXHunter/Yugioh /Detective Conan and uhm...many!

5.Do you prefer drawing males, females, robots or animals?
Males ppffff XD

6.If you had the opportunity to become an amazing artist without practice, would you take it? Or just learn the hard way?
I dont need to be an amazing artist, i'm me XD

7.If there'd be a fire, would you save three strangers or one sibling?
Sorry strangers but my brother has Tuna *runs off carrying my bro*

8.Do you believe in God? If not, what do you believe in?
I believe in God, he helped me to see the brighter side of this world than dark ones :meow: that i can survive

9.Would the world be a better place if money didn't exist?
Maybe, maybe not, cause without money ....this world will be out of control XD

10.Would you rather be super rich for the rest of your live or find true love?

R: Maybe both, if i am rich i can buy as much as Tuna i want, ahhh...~ my one true love....TUNA! *raises a tuna can like an idiot*



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