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Coming to Life

Turning stone to flesh.....

This photo was taken at the Grounds for sculpture somewhere in New Jersey. The sculpture (left) is called 'The Breadline', and is a lifesize depiction of a breadline during the Great Depression. I happened to notice this man walking by and was highly amused by the match of his garb to the sculpture itself. It seems as if he just came to life and strolled beyond the breadline.
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this piece is featured here: [link] :heart:
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Henri Cartier-Bresson would be proud!
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Your work has been featured in a news article here = [link]
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i reminds me a play i saw yesterday..
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this is way too cool. really awesome capture! :clap: i love such spontaneity!
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very cool. great eye you have. although i'd prefer simple b&w.
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Great capture. Great eye. I truly believe photography is the ability to be aware of your surroundings. Great gallery!!!
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Amazing image. Perhaps a brilliant accident of timing, but great skill in capturing. Very fine work.
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Great idea, i love the concept!
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The decisive instant !
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WOW the living factory!
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This is great. I love the blue tint. I love the fact that the REAL person's outfit is almost the exact opposite color of the statues'. His clothes appear white with bits of black shadow, and their clothes appear black with white highlights. Fun.
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that os so awesome..i really like it....its kinda cool that it was completely just too cool....
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hey--this is incredible, and yeah, that guy looks like he just popped out of stone!

I'm pretty sure it's the memorial in WA. D.C--it's gorgeous, the fountains around that statue were amazing.

Keep up the great art!
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I very much thought this photo was posed because the man looks just like the statues. I have a picture of those statues that was in a photography magazine cut out and in a collage I used to have on my wall... it's nice to see familiar art
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Great monent you captured here, Lorraine.
For a second it looked to me like the FDR memorial in Washington D.C.
They have a similar set of statues as a breadline there.
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Great moment and you had a good eye and bright brains to react so quickly. :thumbsup:
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wow... a seriously fantastic work of art... favourite
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Very nice. The black and white adds to the photograph by making the living man seem more closely blended to the statues. Wonderful work!
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haha, at least you had your camera ready for this!
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hahaha, wow. that is really cool. what an interesting coincidence eh? great shot
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