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Well I've had my wacom tablet and artrage for a week and I am totally addicted and loving it.  No more frustration with buying unsuitable papers and wanting more colours but feeling too guilty to buy them, or experimenting and ruining your whole piece - I have every color and paper texture I want finally!  The only frustration I've really had is losing hours of work as I forgot to save, but its part of learning and I won't do that again in a hurry.

This morning I was learning how to use the airbrush and drawing eyeballs.  Here is the result after around 40 mins of mucking around.  Thanks  to this tutorial…, I got a good start, but then redid it leaving the eye-lashes til last, adding in more colours with some W shapes to make it more realistic.  Biggest learning curve was getting the right blender setting for airbrushing.

Unfortunately I have to stop now to do my tax return :( 

Eye by LorraineKelly
At the moment I'm wanting to snatch every moment I can to practice my drawing. Early this morning (before 6!) I tried working on an ink hibiscus mandala in the car while my son trained,  but I managed to get 3 big ink splotches on my work :(  As I'm not sure what big piece I should start on yet I thought I'd practice celtic knots again tonight.  This is how far I got in a few hours. I had to refer to George bain's book again and a good trick I use is to put a circle in each intersection to help keep your lines the same thickness and to help with the overs and unders.  Now to colour it or not and how much to add to it?  We'll see what happens tomorrow, too tired now!  
embedded_item1432049384046 by LorraineKelly
I started drawing and using watercolors a year ago.  I'm happy with my progress.  Paisley Parrots is one of the pieces I am happiest with as it combined my interest of paisleys and parrots!.  I will be uploading some of my earlier pieces, which include mandalas and watercolor pieces