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August 4, 2010
Overlook by ~lorraine-schleter The Suggester said: "I particularly enjoyed the depth of field in this picture and the harmonically binding colors. The main theme-the archer girl and the birds are very well drwwn composition and detail-wise but the viewer's eye can wander through the several parts of the painting and notice interesting side stories as well."
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Wow! Just realized that I got a Daily Deviation for this! :D Thank you so much! <3

This was an entry that I did for a contest on Gaia Online a while back. I have no idea why it isn't already up, (maybe I forgot to post it, maybe I took it down for some reason.)
Anyway, it's finally a part of my gallery again.
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pimpaladettesdude's avatar
minds me of ARTEMIS with her mask off and an eyepatch......
TheSUNGlassKid's avatar
Looks like she's spying on someone and is receving/sending instructions.
BumblebusPrime's avatar
What work I have seen of yours have been amazing in the ways of perspective.... Writing this I find my vocabulary is very limited in the way of artsy words and terms.... But AMAZING work!
EchoAlan's avatar
Threvlin's avatar
Fantastic use of color. Great job.
alrach's avatar
Wow kid, a daily deviation! quite an honor
AveryAnnarose's avatar
Man, your perspective on this is awesome.
nastardch's avatar
mdesportes's avatar
im thinking the mystique of Assassin's Creed mixed with the colour of Monkey Island.. very nice :)
taqo's avatar
surely it awesome!!!
al-afd3's avatar
loved this art
Ry-Spirit's avatar
i luv the angle for this, I might reference it for my artworks.
HersheyGQ's avatar
Whatsome's avatar
I'm sorry. Even how much details were put in the piece, my first notion was to stare at her boobs.
Shiekness's avatar
beautiful. love the colors
Aneirin-Aryon's avatar
Cool. I like the environment and the character. Awesome colors. :D
Rnihilist's avatar
stunning angle, composition!
theLadysleeps's avatar
Makes me think of a Prince of Persia fanfiction
BenSonkkila's avatar
a well devised peice - lighting and forced perspective
ShinyAquaBlueRibbon's avatar
I miss Gaia fishing so computer won't let me in the rooms...Q~Q

Is this somewhere in Gaia? Barton or Akea or Durem? It look so farmiliar some how... I love the colors!!! :la:
evikted's avatar
This is really a very beautiful composition!!
indiekatlea's avatar
coolllll i love this artwork
Uneide's avatar
Lovely perspective.. such depth!
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