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A Friend of the Autumn Angel

This is Mr. Crow (aka: the Autumn Angel) and his friend, a cute little crow. They seem to be having a nice conversation. I’m planning on writing a story about this fellow soon. ^_-

(Drawing done first with graphite on 11x17 paper, then colored in photoshop.)
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Wow this picture is Awesome!
I love the emotion I get from looking at this as well! ^_^
This is in my Top Favs!
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awsome pic lol especialy his buddi
xXxGenasai's avatar
thats just epic right there o3o
SetoEevee7's avatar
This is really well done! I love this dude!
Tupitude's avatar
I loved so much.
Thanks for sharing
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:wave:This wonderful image has been featured here [link] :pumpkin: Have a great weekend!
Canine-13's avatar
Awesome! I love the idea. I'm having The Nightmare Before Christmas flashbacks.
Crazylegs76's avatar
Definately in Aw! since I to am using the Pumpkin head Concept for a character of mine for a story I'm working on I call him Pumpkin Knight, thanx for da Inspiration[link]
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Hello there!
This art was featured in new Fridaylicious article: [link] :)
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the HELLOWEEN pumkin

great work
Puricino's avatar
you could create videogames' characters.. amazing work..
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O.o What would happen if he had to go to the restroom and go through all those buttons? xD

Awesome piece of work, either way!
oO-Fotisha-Oo's avatar
:3 hes so kickass i love it ! :+fav:
Twinklepunt's avatar
He looks smexy <33
hahahaha<333 Awesome work :)
Misanthropick's avatar
Yaaaaaaaaay, a second image!
I think he's my favorite.
What an awesome concept :]
Chroias's avatar
I LOVE it! Creepy, haunting yet there is something very peaceful about the entire scene.
that pic comes from the stupid movie "pumkinghead"?
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Wow!! Incredible picture...really amazing!! Good job!! ^^
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asdfghjkl;AWESOME. <3
invader-hime's avatar
Aww! Its so creepy/cute (my favorite kind!) He's so happy to be talking to the little crow! *faves*
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