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Zeraora :: Transformation

By Lornext
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Now that we have a new Pokemon... Well, at least somewhat new~
We need to transform innocent people into them! Obviously!
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I wanted to draw someone turning into a Zeraora!
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How very interesting you choose to do one of the new pokemon
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I think this is probably a electric type pokemon.
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Mhm, most likely.
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There’s suppose to be a necromza dragon thing right
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I see, I dont really like that design though.
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Yeah kinda weird 
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the pokemon company has'nt revealed anything about any Zeraora have they?. if not it might be good to put a macure content filter on this and add spoilers to the title for the sake of those who are trying to avoid spoilers... at least until a little wile after the game comes out

cool pic. thoth
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Hmm, where would I found the thing that changed him? I need it for... research.
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Probably the same that turned the Sandslash one. x3
I dont know what did that though.
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I would have already used that on myself if I knew what did it. ;3
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I'm so glad you're back. These TFs are phenomenal! Definitely the first quality Zeraora TF.
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Hey, welcome back :D
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I love these transformations!
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Well, thank you ^^
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