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Lopunny :: Transformation

By Lornext
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Another girl turning into a Pokémon. She looks to like it far less than the previous ones.

:star: Check my Gallery for more Pokémon transformation! :star:
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I can see that. :3

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This is honestly terrifying
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I guess it was supposed to be~
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I always enjoy a good involuntary transformation. Love the expression, everything feels very intense and dynamic. Good stuff. :3
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Thank you, I really like this transformation too~
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Wow.......this one is nice!
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Thank you very much~
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You're very welcome! ^w^
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I find the psychological element to transformations to be largely unexplored.

Realistically, it would be very horrifying to watch and feel your own body rapidly change and your humanity being lost, with there being nothing you can do to stop it. Just curling up in the corner, grasping to your remaining and shrinking human features until you have none left.
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well.... i would still like it.
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I love the expression.

Not often do you get this level of fear with transformation.
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She looks terrified as to what will happen. Poor thing.
Great job on showing her expression.
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Thanks, I'm sure she can handle it. x3
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Random and sudden transformations. It's rough, man.
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Hey Eddy, yes, it is rough.
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Lornext your Lopunny too right how you do feel being a Lopunny yourself if you don't mind I ask??
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Well, I am not as upset about it as her, I love Lopunny ^^
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Oh don't cry. Is fun being a pokemon.
Happy sylveon ~~~
Yeah it is but mine ends long story but I ended up as an alola vulpix for two weeks
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Amazing expression! Absolutely love it! Who wouldn't want to become a Lopunny? Apparently not this chick.
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Yeah, I guess she would prefer staying human. x3
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