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ME3 - Sunrise on Earth

Ha! I've finally finished this one!
I started this pic before the Ectended Cut DLC came out, that's why they're on Earth. It was supposed to be the aftermath of the final battle, but now I'll just believe that they returned on Earth after they left that tropical planet and picked up Shep on the Citadel. And now Javik and Liara (couldn't resist putting her in the picture) are enjoying one of the many peaceful sunrises :3
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Ok now I want to use this for a short story about Javik and Liara!!! May I use it if I give you credit?
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PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one who thinks those two should hook up? ...please...
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Of course not (
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Yay. XP I'm not totally crazy.
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Step 1: Dont Romance Liara
Step 2: Get Javik
Step 3: Bring Javik to Thessia
Step 4: Watch with amusement as they fight Like a Old(50000 Year Old) Married Couple...
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Wait... I almost forgot. 
This Unit has a soul too!

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I think its more of javik enjoying watching the person enjoying watching the sunrise which is enjoying since in my view he enjoys no loves liara which is enjoying enough to that's a lot of enjoying eh lol
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Very nice closeup on Javik's face.
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Nice details. Liara looks beautiful.
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Javik X Liara...
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Beautiful, that all i can say
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Even after the Darkest nights, Morning always comes.
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Nice. I actually imagined that this is what it'd look like.. Didn't know that joker picked them up before Harbringer nearly killed shepard.
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Вах, красота *о*
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It's soooo beautiful!! Amazing art *_* Amazing Javik!
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Очень красивая работа *__*
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спасибо! (:
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