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ME3 - A future for Rannoch

God I love these guys ;_;
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Tragic, gorgeous artwork. Thank you.
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Какая классная работа)Очень приятно на нее смотреть.
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Nope !
Must keep scrolling before feels return...
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I really wish there was a happy ending with shepard surviving in it. The only ending where shepard lives is the bad one, so the geth would all die and Rannoch would take another few centuries to be restored. 

Oh well, can't always get what I want. Love the artwork.
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No, that's not the bad one. The bad one is where the Geth live ... as 're- educated' reaper pawns.
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Exactly finally someone who sees the synthesis ending another less hostile form of indoctrination
They could always rebuild them, the ending wiped out all the geth but their data files should be fine. A quick rebuild and reboot.
Well, that's like saying that you could restore a wiped out species by collecting DNA samples and cloning them... Yes, the race would be saved, but genocide isn't worth it. I always went with Control, I know it's far from perfection, but the only thing you're indoctrinating are the Reapers (How's THAT, Harbinger?) and Shepard sort of lives... And I think that if they wanted us to wipe the Reapers out, they shouldn't portray any of them as sentient beings. Yes, they did horrible things for over a billion years, but ending a war by wiping out one of the sides sounds familiar, doesn't it? Basically one, big moral dilemma. You either make a choice the whole galaxy will possibly regret, keep the brainwashed bad guys in the galaxy under your control or commit genocide not on one, but two species....
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I really and I mean really wish you had said spoiler alert on your comment because I am playing the first game right now and that just wrecked it all for me thank you... :| (Blank Stare) 
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oh sorry, I just thought that anyone looking at this would've already completed the series
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My feels....  Tali and Legion....
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Amazing work, I love the colours :D
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Hot damn. This is amazing. Great work! Awesome, superb!
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Way cool and pretty!
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Two of my favorite characters! This is so lovely! Great job! Love 
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"There is a geth right behind you..." :)
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both truly awesome characters, amazing piece of gamer art, in my play through I always try to save both races the quarians and the geth and bring peace to there long war.
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Stunning work, love the details!~
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You're very welcome, hun!~
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