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Left Behind

Don't blame me, blame Star Wars
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How did ahsoka die anyway ? Because shes in star wars rebels and in mandalorian

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Ahsoka isnt dead, her and Rex just split up after awhile im pretty sure
I think The Bad Batch show that is coming will answer when they split up cause im sure Rex appears in the show looking for other clones.

aah alright, but still wish that Rex would appear in the Mandalorian with Ahsoka

He he would’ve been already dead

Because the fett clones have age acceleration serum which shorten there lifespan in Mandalorian rex it’s probably dead

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Yeah I think I calculated it and he'd be like in his 80s so

Early or late

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Oh that hurts.. :(

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War PTSD in a nutshell...
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Oh man, the sadness of it. Nice.
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Well there goes my feels 
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I reely like how powerful this feels. Rex, as a clone, had accelerated aging and marched into many battles. He had almost all of the chances to be the first to go out, and yet he's the last one standing. The old man has my deepest respect.
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omg this is beautiful i hope we get to see Rex deal with the loss of Ahsoka i've always felt that star wars media doesn't deal with the in depth emotions of characters, except most of the books do a pretty good job of exploring the thoughts and feeling of the characters, for example when Alderaan was destroyed all we saw was Princess Leia make a face of sadness but we didn't see a full reaction, that's why i liked the dark saber(i actually think it's trials of the Dark Saber episode) episode of Rebels we really got to see some emotion from Sabine and i personally think that brought a lot more to her character, like i would love to see a full episode of whatever future show they're going to do of Leia,Han,Luke,Rex,Ahsoka,Sabine, and or Ezra just sitting in cantina or like Rex is doing in the picture above just talking about what they were feeling then and now I mean i know it's called Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars the Last Jedi but when am I going to get Star Wars: Leia and Han talk about their feelings Episode 1 these are just my opinions and i hope we can have an in-depth conversation, but i would love to get some advice on good stories which really delve into the mindset and emotions of character, and i know i'm probably missing a lot of examples of exactly what I'm talking about and i'm sorry if i sound like a noob! May the Force be with You(this is the longest comment i've ever written)
This makes me sad... Poor guy.
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Best depiction of that trio so far
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Gorgeous background. This definitely tugs at the heart strings.
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Talk about a tear jerker.
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I've rediscovered your art, and I'm going on a favorite-spree. This is wonderful for so many reasons. The story in this is touching, and the background and foreground are detailed! I applaud your consistent lighting! It really adds to the mood, and I appreciate the symbolism of the setting sun. 

Also, that sky. It's beautiful. 

All of this is beautiful! 
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at least we "know" that he makes it all the way to Endor


I just love this head cannon
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