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Hello everybody in DA …long time to see you ….now this time I present my latest work paladin to you . This piece is made by software and rendered like a traditional art .I am crazy about the classical oil painting ,so this is a try following the ancient masters .
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Amazing! Chocoknight, the class SE should bring to the next FF.
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Ragnarok Online?
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Wonderful, awesome, I have no words for this ! Masterwork ! :D
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Wonderful detail in this picture
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Wow amazing work with the details :wow:
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FUCKING CHOCOBO!!!!! LOLZ!!! very nice work i love it...
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chocobo knight ftw!
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chocobo!!!! very nice
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une pure merveille !
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Anders Zorn, check him out.
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HEY! Is this a fanart of Ragnarok Online? Great work! =D
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Very Very Awesome. Kinda reminds me of Peco Peco's from Ragnarok only better.
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My spouse wrote a fantasy roleplaying game in 1998 called "The Legend of Yore." One of the cultures he created was run by women, and the knights all rode giant terror birds called Konta birds.

I'm really hoping his game was an inspiration for your piece - it's the best interpretation I've ever seen of a Sirkan knight on a Konta bird. Beautiful work!
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That Chocobo is staring at me

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awesome! it looks like a chocobo!
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My only problem is the birds eye. Birds do not have visible whites like that. [link]
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This reminds me of chocobo from Final Fantasy series :D
It's really amazing work.
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chocobo knight :3
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lol i thought u played final fantasy when i saw the chocobo hovering in the air in ur other image, but yeagh i like the painted look and the colours, wish ff had these kind of graphics.
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breathtaking, the colours are fantastic!
favourite for sure, i love it!
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Wow, both the concept and technical skill of this piece are awesome.
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I'd like it! fantastic!
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