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July 5, 2009
autumn by ~lorlandchain
Featured by sambees
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autumn is a chinese traditional festival day .
Do you know what is "moon cake "?
Come to china I will show it to you .haha
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TheDeathofReality's avatar
i'm getting inspiration for a story now. o.o
once again, beautiful colours. soft, smooth transitions.
and I really like the design of the robes
Dr-royal's avatar
Arabs have there own version of moon cakes as well :D
i love moon cakes!!!
Livio10's avatar
wow amazing, so well done
HajaoqueHouver's avatar
Awesome :heart: featured here [link]
haamaiah's avatar
moon cake is literally called "moon biscuit",right? its the main attraction(sweet dessert) during mid-autumn festival in china originately begun in yuan dynasty,hundred years ago...correct? this moon cake also has an important role to prevent han chinese revolt at the early times in china...hmmmnn? according to my stocked knowledge...haahaa
haamaiah's avatar
its wonderful...pls also try to make a winter version of this or cherry blossoms for the background...i love cherry blossom...
Avriia's avatar
Yeah, I do know Moon Cake, it's also celebrated in Singapore!

Anyway, cute pic!
LovelyLike's avatar
lovely picture :D
moon cakes are delish
LightinDarkness1990's avatar
there are no words to describe how beautiful this pic is
plasma4ce's avatar
aside from the moon cake thngy this wrk look very folktale-ish, i luv fairy notions.
RampantRainbow's avatar
I've had a lotus root moon cake before. It's defiantly an acquired taste.
TrifoonClaw's avatar
Insanely beautiful art is insanely beautiful.
ephilli's avatar
This is so beautiful! I love the expression and the detail in the clothing. <3
Vilente's avatar
Wonderful picture. The coloring is simply beautiful. =)
And I have had a moon cake before, didn't know what was fully in it till i finished it. I would have never guessed that real flowers would tast that good in a cake.
Congradulations on the DD. =)
benzene66's avatar
That is one of the gorgeous and the most detailed picture that I have ever seen. I wish that I can make something like that. I would love to visit China someday. The land of China looks so lovely that I would like to tour the countryside of China.
jrocklolitamanga's avatar
I love mooncake as much as i love this.
especially black sesame mooncake.
rockandtree's avatar
VERY COOL! Any YES! I do know what Moon Cake is! I had some last year! :dance: They are VERY beautiful THICK cookies It was hard to eat it because I would ruin the design! :fear: ... but I didn't want them to spoil either! :XD:

BEAUTIFUL work! :thumbsup: :lol:
00alisa00's avatar
Wonderful painting!
I like how the whole scene is enriched of beautiful details
but I like also the great use of bright tones! :)
congrats on your DD!
Nebride7's avatar
Katamizu's avatar
Truely beautifull piece of work <3
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