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Valkyrie of sorriness

By lorlandchain
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This Valkyrie is a wonderful piece! Is she a Valkyrie of Guilt, Apology, or Reconciliation? Or is this piece an actual apology to someone? Just curious... It is your piece, but I would call it Valkyrie of Reconciliation. Again, it is your piece, and a beautiful piece!
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Consider "Valkyrie of Sorrow" as the title.
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Beautiful work^^
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Beautiful work^^
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Super glorious
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She remind me about valkyrie profile :o isn't she Lenneth??? even what she wear remind me about her ;D but very nice and wonderful colours ^^
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Perfect works o_O
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That's Lenneth, right? XD
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amazing!! so pretty! :D
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Your work has been featured in my newest journal :heart:
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im amazed on how you are able to portray the metallic-ness in the amour sleeve. Great work!!
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I love how soft it looks :)
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perfect, that's so beautiful ;)
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I love that you gave her red hair...and not just because I'm a redhead.. Okay, maybe it is. :)

Beautifully done.
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I <3 her clothes *_________*
flawless, breathtaking, im in love with the colors.
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Really well done, it´s so beautiful!
Love the clothes and they way you coloured them
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Absolutely beautiful work!
I'm glad today I took more time to look at your art.
thank you!
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is she silmeria?
anyway, that's some wonderfull work, her armor looks really good ^^"
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i think this piece really describes the sentiments of the character.
valkyrie profile, such a good game that not enough people played. :(
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The weather must be getting nippy for her nose and cheeks to be getting red like that.
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that's a very good piece.
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Perfect art \o
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Ooh! Valyrie Profile, y/y? I loves, it's so spiffy looking! *0*
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