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The ruins left before

By lorlandchain
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I am a final fantasy fan ,so just did a piece in the style like the game.
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B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L The colors are amazing, lovely art.
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A CHOCOB! *gasps* LOL. XD
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Sorry, meant to say Chocobo and not Chocob. Silly me! XD

Nice job on the painting! Love it! :D
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WARK-alicious. I wish we'd have a storybooky/cartoony current gen Final Fantasy again. One with overworlds and maze dungeons.
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Oh god chocobos yes... As a fantasy setting, I could certainly see this as a scene in the game. The statue makes me think of The Neverending Story when Atreyu gets to the guardians of these gates and then they shoot lasers out of their eyes. I'm kind of confused as to what's going on in the top right corner. Is the rock extending up? Is it supposed to be transparent like that?
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This is really good, makes me think of final fantasy tactics, but then my memory is fading some and I am not up on the newer once past 11 or something like that with Vaan.
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Wow! Great work and beautiful colors.:w00t:
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I'm an FF fan, too. Everytime I see someone dressed up as a moogle, I ask them if I can save my game. ;}
I really like the detail work in the foliage, I can actually recognize a few of the plant species. Very intricate and very well done.
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Chocobooo *-* really cute
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hi hi

There's so much to like about this picture. I almost didn't even notice the gears underneath the statue at first, but now that I see it, it reminds me of tactics. I appreciate that the armor covers the rider's vital organs, so I can forgive that it doesn't cover the upper arm :P
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You are the best!
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I'm not really a final fantasy fan, but I love this all the same :)
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Yaaay! A chocobo!!!! This looks really amazing!
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The mount bird is very nice ;)
Once again vegetation is very beautiful and the flowers in the foreground are lovely

Why are there cogwheel ?
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Amazing and adorable piece!
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Beautiful! You really captured the magic of FF.
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Such beautiful vibrant colors! I love his!
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Oh, hell. I would play that FF...

Epic. <3
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I'm not sure where you want me to look... It's a beautiful piece though. :D
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awesomw detail and color
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eeeeeeeeeeepic, chocoboooooo
and really nice background, its a delight to the eye
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I would like to learn how to paint plants and things like you have here. looks awesome very whimsical feeling.
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