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If you recongnize who is he , just put comment !
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The evil  caractere in the berserk , i hate the caractere
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Beatiful art work, congratulations!
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Ah wow... just going through my favorites and realized who this was although I favorited it prior! Excellent series!!
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Sorry for my ignorance, I haven't been on deviant art in a long time, but the information on the image tells me that the full size is about 27 MB, but I can't seem to find a way to view the full sized image. Is there anyway I can? Sorry once again for asking such a dumb question.
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Berserk is the best!
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from berserker!?
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I love the sky, the pose, the emotion! Outstanding!
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Griffith sama!! This is so so beautiful!! ;_;
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A great picture of a traitorous bastard. At first I thought he was a woman XD But he is like that.
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The original artist would be proud of you're amazing work
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the biggest jerk of em all-
*sigh*the evil ones are always so pretty
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That's so awesome /)*o*(\ OFC I RECONIZE HIM :|
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awesome painting! and yea, berzerk is awesome (=
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amazing again!
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Such a great manga!
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Femto :() Man I hope this manga ends before the author dies!
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He's my favorite manga character. As been for years.
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