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Amazon is my latest work I wish you could like it .Buy it friend .It is deserve to buy.
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Masterpiece 2 :D
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Very evocative, this one blew me away.
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The colors in this image are so vivid that I can't stop staring! Absolutely fantastic all around.
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it is a beautiful work. the details are exquisite and stand out. and the blinded figure in the back makes one create a story in ones mind. thank you.
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lol! NICE!! I mean really, really NICEEE!! :) :love:
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You're an amazing artist!! :love:
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Awesome picture and amazing details! :D Just wonderful! <3
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your crazy amazing!!
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the shield looks like a nipple! I LOVE IT! :D:D:D
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this is great! do you use photoshop for your digital works?

the figure on the back reminds me of anima from ffx..:D
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ooooooh sexy, she reminds me of one of my characters
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Your artwork is CRAZY
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hmmm. i just realised something when i looked at the thumbnail. is it just me or is the shield sort of designed to look like a breast? you know, like an internal joke/easter egg thing since the topic is about women warriors..
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the human behind... it's a man or a woman o.o
so great
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this is just fantastic!
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the drapery is insanely magnificent!!!!! wow!
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It is great.

It's just a bit hard to see her against the background... there's a bit too much happening... There could be like a little "milky glass" straigh behind her, so that her body and head are against a light background and the shaman or seer or what ever it is gets a little shadowy in the middle.

Also, I think the red nailpolish is a bit too hard... it would look better with a little henna on the fingers.

But it's very effective :-) I'd read that book :-D
pwns0m3ch1ck's avatar
I agree completely with everything you said. it's not so much difficult to see her, rather it's difficult to keep your attention on her with so much going on, but I'm pretty sure that's what you meant anyway. Henna on the fingers would be very flipping cool.

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Lovely work on the fabric - simply beautiful.
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