Moving to another platforms.

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My sites where I will post my art from now on:




Please follow me on these sites if you want!

It will be a small rant about DeviantArt, I'm sorry, if you're annoyed by people who doesn't like Eclipse, this isn't your journal.

*sigh* So, yeah. I've tried to make friends with the new layout of deviantart. I swear I did try it, but I simply can't bother uploading anything anymore here, neither sorting groups to show my art or checking art from others. And as I saw, I'm not alone in this situation, many artist became inactive, left, or changed platforms, and now it's my turn.

I was there for eleven or twelve years now with many accounts, active and deactivated, moved a lot. Made a lot of friends, lost some. Got art and gave, got awesome commissions, meet a lot of different and friendly, interesting, chill people. Even got to fight with an art thief who stole my character. Got involved in drama, read a lot of drama. I've got inspired many times by a lot of amazing, talented artists, and I feel like I've evolved in both art and person, and I can thank the old DeviantArt for this.

God, it was nostalgic summing all these stuff up.

I've felt home with the old DeviantArt layout, it was easy to master, easy to customize, easy to see through, but I don't feel the same with Eclipse. :( It's just an Artstation copy with more casual people (I mean, it's not bad, just Deviantart felt like that it's more welcoming for people who still learn!), and I feel like I should only upload higher quality art, no more headshots or sketches.

I hope one day they will listen to the people and make the grey one available to use again or something like that, then I'll come back and show my art here again, but right now, I just don't feel this.

If you're interested in my art, please follow me on these sites which I've mentioned on top of this journal. I'll still check messages weekly if you can only reach me here. I won't upload anything anymore for here for a long time I think.

I might change my mind later and get used to Eclipse, but I don't think that will happen. :/

It was an adventure guys, please stay safe and take care!

With love,


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Yeah, basically, they've ruined dA, no wonder why people are leaving this site, and it's completely understandable that you're doing the same. ^^

Best of luck with everything!