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OP: PW2 - Trafalgar Law

Here's the rigged .fbx of Trafalgar Law from One Piece Pirate Warriors 2. His sword is included.
I need someone who wants to convert it to XPS!

I'll release the (unrigged) PW3 remaining versions as well.

Models created by Tecmo Koei, no copyright infrangements intended.
© 2015 - 2021 LorisCangini
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How do I download something like this is their a yt video showing how to do this?

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Do you have a pre-timeskip law?
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He is in PW3, but 5he last time I checked there wasn't a proper tool to rip it
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Also what about Sabo OBJ?
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Same thing! Also he has some missing parts if ripped with the available tools (ninja ripper)
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I cri :( what about in Romance Dawn
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I don't have the game files, but I don't think it's possible to rip things from it
Nice work there...I wonder if you could do a sabo 3d model that would be great!
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I could extract him, but without bones
Could you please? Because when i export his model from 3ds max and import it to unity his face wont appear... i dont know why
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Do you have Sabo model in 3ds max?
If yes, try to send me it, at the moment I don't have Pirate Warriors 3 installed and if I can fix your model it'll be easier for me!
Check my profile i uploaded it here
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Do you have the textures?
Yes i am uploading one with textures too
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Perfect! Let me know when ready
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thx! Which format of file do you suggest to export in Noesis?
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Fbx, it's only to fix eventual problems
I could not import this model into blender...
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Mmm, try to use Noesis, import the fbx and export a new one, this should fix everything
Noesis does not have a mac version... Is there any similar program that is work on mac?
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Mmm, I know maya, but it isn't free
Thx a lot! I manage to import the model into Maya! However, I am not able to import to blender... It works fine in Maya, but not working in blender. When I import into blender, Law's FACE is lost! 
That is pretty scary
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That happened to mee too, I don't know why that happens!!

Try to export something from Maya and load the exported file into blender
I have export from Maya! But I export in FBX form again... I see another form seems not compatible in blender...
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