GeekGirlCon Art Auction, A-kon, And Beyond!~

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So this is a busy time of year for the con-circuit crowd, as most of you know. Here's just a heads up on what's coming up for me.

:star:Art Auction Benefiting GeekGirlCon:star:

When: Saturday, May 19th
Where: Ltd Art Gallery (307 E. Pike Street, Seattle, WA)
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Cost: Free entry to gallery
Who: All ages

GeekGirlCon is this REALLY AWESOME convention, in it's second year, in Seattle, WA. To help fund their main event, they've been throwing a bunch of nerd-oriented shindigs, and this is one of them. A bunch of really talented artists have donated some really amazing art, which will be displayed  and auctioned off at the LTD Art Gallery in downtown Seattle.  I'm really excited to go see my art and all the other artists in a gallery setting. How often does a chance like that come along? Come get mingly with me! I've donated my Bloody Faerie Tale series and a rare (for me) marker original of my Midnight Tolls character (depicted in this illustration):

Midnight Tolls - Adolescence by loriofpandora


When: June 1st-3rd
Where:Dallas, Texas

This is my 7th A-kon, and I'm so excited to be able to attend again. A-kon is one of my favorite conventions, and the only one I've attended every single year since I started selling my art! I'll be teaching my workshop panels again, as well as panels focusing specifically on anatomy and digital coloring. I hope to see all my favorite people there! <3


Other than that, I'll be attending :iconsadboyinsnow: and :iconrobynhime:'s wedding in Washington D.C. Memorial Day weekend. I'll be there for a week, so if any DC people want to get together for drinks and doodles or something while I'm there, you should totally hit me up.

I'm still waiting to hear back from the Burien Strawberry Festival and Kent Cornucopia days this year. I really want to vend at those street fairs, but they have to want to take my money!

Other events I'll be attending later in the year:

Seattle, WA
August 11-12, 2012

Rose City Comicon
Portland, Oregon
September 8-9, 2012

Events that aren't confirmed yet:

Newcon PDX

That's all for now!

Oh! And new journal layout! My husband is a hero for helping me out with this thing!

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shirotsuki's avatar
Loriiiii! Where'd they put you in the artist alley for a-kon?
loriofpandora's avatar
I'm in the webcomic circle downstairs
SarahForde's avatar
CONGRATULATIONS LORI! This is way cool and this journal has been sitting in my inbox for a while waiting for me to come say that xD It is so awesome to see your work hanging on a gallery wall, I hope it sells! ;3