Anime Banzai, Here I come!

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Tomorrow, I'm getting on a plane with TalisX to her native land of UTAH to sell with her at the anime convention ANIME BANZAI. We're going to be in the dealer's hall. If you want to say hi to us, look for the SEVEN FOOT TALL poster of a girl in nothing but her knickers and a couple QR codes....

Or you could just look for the huge DESUDESU de Studio sign.

That could work too.

I'll have all my prints, including the new Sailor Moon I submitted a few days ago. It printed REALLY WELL. ( If you guys at home want to buy a copy, send me a note. $10 + shipping for 8.5x11, $15 + shipping for 11x17.)

I'll just..... leave this here.

:iconlaplz: :iconlaplz:

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I kinda want one but I'd rather pick it up in person therefore we need to go to a con together again next year ;D
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