$15 USD Sailor Moon Commissions NOW W/ LIVESTREAM

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:iconnewplz: EDIT: 7/18 - I am now livestreaming the Sailor Senshi I've been paid to draw! You should totally come hang out with me. The link is in my journal belowwww!

OMG! I am so excited! They just announced that Sailor Moon is getting a reboot! I feel the need to Celebrate! HOW ABOUT DISCOUNT SAILOR MOON CHARACTER COMMISSIONS? YES? YES?!

That's right! Full Color, Full body drawings of anything in a sailor fuku for only $15.

So if you have a favorite character, a fan character, or want your OC drawn as a Sailor Moon character, now is the time!

Caveats: They must be in a Sailor Senshi outfit. No school uniforms or other outfits. Starlights are fine. I'm following the same rules as Naoko: If it has a Sailor Collar, it's a sailor senshi.

I'll be taking no more than 12 of these, first come first serve. Paypal only please!


:star: 1- Dark Form Sailor Astera for SarahForde
:star: 2- Sailor Sorael for Sorael-Ignis (paid)
:star: 3- Sailor Starseed for tsukino-hikaru (paid!)
:star: 4- Sailor Babycakes for TalisX
:star: 5- Sailor Jupiter for WinterBlizzard (twitter commission)(paid!)
:star: 6- Moon and Chibi-moon sisters for StinaKitsune (paid!)
:star: 7 - Chibi-Moon and Saturn for Rosiejade
:star: 8- Sailor Millenium (x2?) for callieway
:star: 9- Alpha Senshi (twilight form) for mucai(paid!)
:star: 10- Sailor Sunheart for Jateshi
:star: 11- Sailors Terrene and Dennari for Itsu-de-Mo
:star: <open>

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Rikativity's avatar
12th slot please! Did I squeak in just in time?
(I'd be interested in a 2-character pic too, btw. $25 is fine :))
callieway's avatar
i would love to take one of my sailor millennium um is it possible to get two characters in 1 commission?
loriofpandora's avatar
I sent you a note!
callieway's avatar
oh crap i forgot about this could you resend me your paypal?
Itsu-de-Mo's avatar
I think I might be getting a couple characters. T_T

I really shouldn't but a friend is telling me I need to and they'll pay as a late b-day gift. ><
loriofpandora's avatar
That's a super nice friend! <3 let me know.
Itsu-de-Mo's avatar
I think it's a go. ^^ Sorry for the delay as well. We lost power one day, and I've been sick since then. ><

I'll be getting my Terrene and Dennari for sure. :3 I'll send you a note with references and other stuff, once I've gotten back with them. ^^

Being sick always likes to throw a wrench into things. ><
loriofpandora's avatar
Sounds awesome! My paypal address is lori@loriofpandora.com
mucai's avatar
*pounce* pick me. :D

ref - text or image preferred?
loriofpandora's avatar
The more the better! :D
mucai's avatar

I just thought of a funny idea that might work. The 'Twilight' form of one (or all three?) of my Alpha's (seeing as how you designed said fuku ;)).
loriofpandora's avatar
That would be a fun (talk about coming full circle!)! The deal I'm doing is $15 USD for one, and $10 each additional character since so many people want 2+ characters.
mucai's avatar
^_^ sending stuff.
Sandz890's avatar
how about a Russian male sailor scout? :P

Hail, Comrade Sailor Zaytsev :P
loriofpandora's avatar
haha! You give me the money and the references/descriptions I give you the art. No shame here!
Sandz890's avatar
Makes me wish I had ze moneys :(
tsukino-hikaru's avatar
MEMEMEME! I should be but gosh yes, let's do it!
darkthewise's avatar
That's cool that they are having a sailor moon reboot ^_^
loriofpandora's avatar
Oh yes, yes it is!
darkthewise's avatar
I think I should go finish my Sailor Ninja drawings now XD
loriofpandora's avatar
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