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I want to know what kind of meaning YOU guys get from it, instead of esplaining MY meanings for a change.


OpenCanvas4+ x Intuos3
5 hours-ish
Original Dimensions: 8.5x11" 300dpi.
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its awsome!
to me it seems that she's trying to protect herself from getting hurt by building up a wall against the world, but still feels lonely because of that... im not sure if the shadows are the wall or the reason for the wall XD
funny how everyone has their own ideas! ^_^
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Lost in her emotions, or her mental state?
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This image is old but still feels very alive.
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I like it very much. It has a great emotive quality to it. I'd thought about re-doing it a few times, but I'm scared that I would over polish it.
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yeah, it's as well done as it could get honestly because even the shadow's hair is so nicely detailed.

It's beautiful as it is.
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haha. Saw your post on the aa forum about this one so I thought- why not? I'll give it a try. ^_^
When I look at this piece....
the first thing I'm drawn to is her face. It's peaceful, and she looks asleep. Physically, she's drawn into the fetal position, and she's covered her nakedness with her legs and arms. It seems as though, even though she wants to hide what's personal to her (her body, her feelings) it's not possible. Whether she holds herself or not, she's still naked. And whether she tries to express her emotions or not, they're still splayed across the wall as her shadows. She's angry, she's frustrated, she's sad. And very visibly, she's worn out.It seems very fem, over-all, and I like it. ^_^ And now that I've said that, feel free to tell me that I'm waaaay off mark. :D Lol. Hope I can see more of your stuff at A-kon! ^_^ I'm looking forward to it! :P
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She's has many mixed feelings
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I see a person who has had much turmoil in their life, possibly within that last few minutes. She has possibly expressed everything, and is now in a state of rest, thinking about everything that has and will happen from now on.
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very nice job, love the concept
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I see her contemplating what happened in the not-so distant past. Perhaps a fight she just had and can't stop thinking about, a conflict of some sort. I see her in step 1, getting angry, step 2, being frustrated, and step 3, perhaps realizing what she just did, and becoming sad about it. ^_^ That's what I see... I really love it, by the way.
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Is this a representation of past and the here and now? In that the girl’s shadows are showing her tormented and angry past.

Her sitting in front of them shows that’s she's become stronger as a person and happier, but the shadows are still there and will always be a part of her.

Beautiful concept piece.
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Confrontation, frustration and breakdown. All wrapped up in an empty shell of a human being. Well, at least that's how I see it. :blushes:
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Don't you think it is neat how everyoine is seeing something different? Thanks for coming out with your own reply! I appreciate it.
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You are very welcome, my dear. :-)
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I think she's conflicted with herself. She's going through that awkward stage where she doesn't know who she is and responds in many different ways to the same things. She's recalling that with the images on the wall, almost thinking how she could act in those ways, and yet is still trying to find herself through it all.
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Thanks for your comment!
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Its almost like she's having an argument with herself, at least, to me. She's conflicted about something, and feels lost and/or confused. :O At least that's what I think. The hair is pretty ont he shadows.
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Awhr. Thank you! :heart:
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The many "Bare" emotions one can have at any given time. She's trying to decide which appropriate emotional response to take in her certain situation, traumatic...something heavy...thinking first before acting on first impulse.

The shadows are telling...wondering what to do...what to do.
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:ninja: I shall reveal NOTHING!.

Your perception is pretty neat!
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The best type of art for me is when the artist leaves things up to the imagination of the beholder. Interpreting things many different ways. Audience involvement.

The gal in the picture could "Rage" at first impulse at her situation but perhaps things require a lot of sensitivity and thought for her to dwell on things before offering an emotional response...hoping to not to hurt the person or people she will react to...and not hurting herself.

Deep stuff. ;-)
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Seems like she got into a fight with someone. The shadow on the right looks like she's about to start pulling her hair out. The left shadow looks like she's in the middle of some arguement.

My mind understands this better than it is willing to explain.

But in any case, I really like this.
Excellent work.
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