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The Monster Girl Challenge is a theme list to draw with one monster girl per day. I gathered all my monster girls together in a A5 book ! 
It's my first book ever so I'm a bit stressed/excited! Get your own signed book for each preorder !

CONTACT ME AT : if you want to preorder it or if you have questions about it :)

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Commissions are closed till the end of July

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 26, 2016, 4:17 AM


Commissions are closed till the end of July.
I'll be in convention and meetings so I can't take digital works with me :(

I'll let you know here when slots are available again!


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8 Facts about Aedan and Liz

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 9, 2016, 7:05 AM

Tagged by :iconrakjah: and :iconellianounoursblanc:
EDIT / I added Liz to this journal :D

  • - Post these rules.
  • - List 8 facts about your character.
  • - Tag 8 other persons and put the name of the character you want to know more about.


1Bullet; Blue    Aedan sing in the bathroom.
2Bullet; Blue    He's got a little brother.
3Bullet; Blue    He likes crows. He likes to feed them with his scraps. 
4Bullet; Blue   He's ambidextrous.
5Bullet; Blue   He's Aries.
6Bullet; Blue   He likes playing chess with oldmen in town.
7Bullet; Blue   He doesn't talk about his family, it's get him enraged if you force him.
8Bullet; Blue   He likes cynicism. It's make him laugh.

-- LIZ

Raining by lori-gami

1Bullet; Green   Liz is a bookaholic.
2Bullet; Green   She had got her cheek tattoo when she was 6 years old. 
3Bullet; Green   She likes to take baths when she can.
4Bullet; Green   Liz is an abbreviation of her name.
5Bullet; Green   She loves to eat baguettes.
6Bullet; Green   She never leaves her village.
7Bullet; Green   She can't remember her parents faces.
8Bullet; Green   She's got a gun called "Joker"

I tag :

Bullet; Purple Aurore by :iconellianounoursblanc:
Bullet; Purple Kerann by :iconeva-powa:
Bullet; Purple Rigan by :iconaleyn-kidd:
Bullet; Purple Sam by :iconamarna:

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