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Adam Assassin Lore Fox Kamau


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Adam Assassin Lore Fox Kamau


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Steven Universe Story Page 1

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Steven Universe Story

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Randy As Elfragon Kryptozoid


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Fury Lore

3 colors or less

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Dr Stone Story Page 1 WIP

WorkInProgress =========================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================

dr stone story

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rc9gn story page 2

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mcfist is at some sort of shrine with the Guardian Of Secrecy's symbol on it. Mcfist gets in prayer position. (MCFIST: Oh great Secrecy. I keep

RC9GN Story

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11 Year Old Doyle

TheSecretCryptids Story

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Prince Salkus

Mouse Elves

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FairyOfTheStars Page2

Bede walks to the couch while holding Hattie. He sits next to Marnie. He is petting Hattie. A while goes by. Bede falls asleep while sitting up on the couch. Enkantrix wakes up in bed. He gets up and walks to the main room. Lilana is there on a couch. (LILANA: How did you wake up?) (ENKANTRIX: Well my dream kind of slowed down and I just opened my eyes.) (LILANA: I've never known you to be sarcastic.) (ENKANTRIX: That is how everyone wakes up. It was not meant really as sarcasm.) (LILANA: Are you not sick anymore?) (ENKANTRIX: I am not sick anymore. Let's go back to where we were.) The spaceship is flying through space. Enkantrix opens the communicator. (ENKANTRIX: We got you the llama. Can you tell us how to get to the center of the galaxy?) (UNKNOWNALIEN: No. You left.) (ENKANTRIX: Is there any other tresure you would like me to get you then?) (UNKOWNALIEN: There is a planet in a nearby star system. Some pirates left some gems there. But they are in a cave and can't just be

Fairy Of The Stars

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Bede Mangocream Lore Monkey Mangokey

Cream Lores

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Lore Abilities

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Wyrm Class Lores

Lore Classes

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Victor Battle Lore Beast Sordislay

PokemonSwordAndShieldStory GermanTranslated

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Batigra Krasa

Demon Beasts

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Lore Realm Pokemon

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Cryptozoid Book Episode 1 Page 1

Cryptozoid Book

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Tony the Skeltonn Cryptozoid

Cryptozoids and Cryptozoid objects

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Lorian Beast Parasite

Lore Story Things

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Lore Island 1 Forest


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Ulricha Whip Lore Arhothor

Code Lyoko Book

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Koh Solar Lore Dragon Soliss

Digimon sunburst and moonlight book

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Assassin Lore

Lore Species and Info

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Pokemon Mailbox

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Lore Realms Pokeball

Pokeballs according to the Lore Realms

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Brendan's Disguise

Pokemon RSE Story

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Galaxial Lore Realm

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Baby Rymox

Dimensional Lore Realms MegamanEXE Art

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TransmorfianStory4 Earth Defender Teams

   Transmorfian Earth Defender Chapter 4 Earth Defender Teams Raika and Iriya are both in transmorfian form. Now, Raika is wearing an outfit different from the recolored uniform.  It has a cape and a crown He has armor and also a bracelet on his right arm. Iriya is wearing a weird outfit with rotating gears and tree branches. All of his outfit is either gears, leaves, or different types of wood.  Raika and Iriya are sniffing the air. They both go to the direction of a scent. They find Serusch swimming under a frozen lake. It was a large place with no trees. The ice is clear and see through. Serusch catches a fish and breaks the ic

Transmorfian Earth Defender story

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Blaze the Skelemimic

Wizard101 character things

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Seems Like My Dreams Are More Amusing Every Day

Random Art

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LoreStory OriginalCharacters

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InvaderZimStory Page 1

Dib approaches Zim's house. He knocks on the door. (DIB: Hey Zim! Open up-) Suddenly Dib is completely motionless and everything around him turns white. A golden orb looking thing flies inot Dib's chest. Dib falls to the ground. Zim looks out the window but nothing is there. Zim actually looks concerned. (ZIM: D-Dib!? Were you just there!? Where did you go!? You aren't trying to make me come out, are you!? Dib! *HeClosesTheWindow* I just know Dib was there. I'm going crazy.) Lekelek is on the ground in front of Zim's house. He floats up. (LEKELEK: Huh? What? *HeLooksAtHisGhostArms* What? Is this a dream? What am I? Maybe I can show Gaz. She seems like the most trustworthy. Hey. Am I flying?) He flies around in a circle and seems to enjoy it. Lekelek approaches Gaz. Gaz is turned the other way. Gaz has her usual eyes closed face and she is looking over the fence glaring at some fat guy in a lawn chair. She growls. The fat guy is holding a block of cheese and is just eating

Invader Zim Story

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MegamanexeDLR1 Becoming Lore

Dimensional Lore Realms MegamanEXE Story

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Adam Assassin Lore Fox Kamau


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The Boy And The Monster Actor Outfits

Lore Movies

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Randy Hellhound Lorimorph Ninji


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Finding Out Transmorfian Fur is Irresistibly Soft

transmorfian stuffs

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Pompeii Starkflame

Void Fighters

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360 Tinrina


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