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Fanart Markiplier

I draw it because of the video game "Mad Father" who make me laught a lot !

Je l'ai dessiné à cause du jeu video "Mad Father" qui m'a beaucoup fait rire !

Like you so much Mark.
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Lord o,o
This should've been Darkiplier instead of Mr. Markimoo Fuhuhuhu~
OliviaTheCheetah's avatar
................RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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mark plz ;A; y so spoop
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"I'm just over here and I hear RING DINGDING, DI-DINGDINGDING!"
LorenzacX's avatar
256NatLiz's avatar
*slap* NO, doctor! I KNOW BEST!!
SoraTheBlackLotus's avatar
Nice. It'd be better if he looked like Darkiplier.
LorenzacX's avatar
Mark is already dark :0
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This gives me an awesome idea for a part of a story i'm gonna write soon. Thanks! I'll give credit if ya want :P
LorenzacX's avatar
I'm happy if I inspired you! I will be delighted to read your story. Of course , why not :), i'll be happy for credit. What your story talks about?
HeraBrine's avatar
it's just going to be a Darkiplier fan-fic, my followers on a writing website called Wattpad have been asking me to write one for a long time, along with a few other stories too.
LorenzacX's avatar
oh! it's cool! hope the people loves your stories ;D
tfmrocks11's avatar
mark no....................... keep the chainsaw away
LorenzacX's avatar
no prob'. he will be nice <3 x)
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