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Body Language Meme - Sherlock

What is your fav' expression? ^_^

I was inspired by the "Body Language Meme" from ReincarnatedParano
So, to make this more funny, I wrote a short story with different facial expressions, between John and Sherlock (from the BBC's series).

Sorry for english mistakes, if there are any '-'

Hope you like it!
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Omg this was so hilarious ^^
LorenzacX's avatar
haha! thank you x)
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Haha "It means you likes it?" xD
LorenzacX's avatar
crap! xD to late to add the "s" x)
TBG-95's avatar
Haha I'm just cracking up at him even asking that after someone puked on it xD It would have flown of me faster than than it even got on me xD
LorenzacX's avatar
XD! Yeah.! Moreover his christmas sweat is very ugly..
But I don't understand your last sentence '-'
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Oh I just meant that if I had been wearing that shirt and somebody puked on my I would have thrown it of me with out even asking that xD But I thought it was a pretty shirt and yeah sorry I know that I sound really weird but I'm swedish so sometimes I try and translate swedish idioms they never makes much sense xD 
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yeah! I think that I do the same, and shout at the person who pucked on me. And I would throw up too because it disgust me x)
oooh! swedish?Sweden (Intro) [V6] 
I understand, I use Google Translate sometimes x)
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Hardest part is when a translation is missing xD aand totally shout and I got a fear of germs so it would be really bad xD
LorenzacX's avatar
oh yeah... but french to german is more difficult than french to english for exemple xD. I don't know for swedish?
fear of germs? xD but germs are inofensive!! x)
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