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Celtic Dragon

By Loren86
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My next tattoo project, Celtic (ish) dragon for a half sleeve.
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Someone has put this in a post on Facebook saying they want to use this as a tattoo, I searched your image to find out who the copyright for it belonged too. 


I really don't know if you're open to just everyone taking your design for themselves without payment or credit, but honestly.. I think this is wrong and had to show you.
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Just thought I would let you know someone today put this art wonder up on facebook saying that her by drew it
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This is amazing artwork, how would I be able to get permission to use this artwork, as I would love to get a tattoo of this on my arm.? This work is amazing.
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This is awesome! Can I ask permission to wood burn this on something? I enjoy wood burning and have been doing it just for personal but would like to sell pieces one day. Could I have permission to try this for selling or just personal use? Thanks for your time!
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I love the celtic look you put into this!
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amazing would love to have it on me
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I LOVE this drawing!!! I would love to see about getting permission from the artist to use this in a tattoo I am working on as well!. The only thing I would possibly be changing would be the background flames, and perhaps adding just a touch of color and/or shading.

I would really like to see if you have any other drawings along these lines, as your work seems to be EXACTLY what I have been searching for.

If you could please message me at kris_n_mike@hotmail.com if you are the artist or know how I might contact them, I would appreciate it!

Thank you,

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Aloha...The Celtic wings are off the chain bra.....
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I was wondering if it would be possible to use your celtic dragon design for a once off award for a martial arts competition in Ireland
you can contact me at jward@wardkenpo.ie

thanking you in advance

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cool idea! The martial arts form I am currently studying is Chi-Lung - "Spirit of the Dragon" Hope you get that approved!
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Wow very good!
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I wish i had this for my next tattoo. its amazing
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That... is... wonderful! :'o
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oh wow, awesome!
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Kyaaaa!!! *nosebleeding* I wan't that on my body!
Not enough that is the dragon, it must be a celtic dragon!
Love u bastard!
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