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Hey! :aww:

Stopped, due to Important art related updates

Week #6: Theme Sounds
Delayed because lazy Lorello is very lazy. Even more than usual.

I'll add these two rules:
  • Working on current projects and using them for that day is allowed, as long as it still has a connection to the topic.
  • Every week I can use a current project I worked on instead at the weekly challenge as an excuse for not working on the challenge - only once a week though, since things would get outta control else. ;P (This rule makes sense though, as this whole thing is just a measure to draw more again - and I would say projects have a higher priority than this challenge)

Oh yes, I am still alive. And this is me three weeks after saying I would get more active again.

You know, it is not like I would have that little time after work, but  I already noticed this at the beginning of the year, when learning for my finals - I best can work in the early hours of the day. I come home from work and am too lazy for anything connected to creativity - I did not even sketch or something. I read a lot instead, but also play a lot of PC. At the weekend is some time for drawing - but that doesn't feel like it is enough. Especially since I do other things at the weekend too - like meeting friends.

I would like to push myself a little.
By doing a challenge.


It works this way: Every week a topic is chosen (randomly) and on all five workdays I have to do a little drawing connected to the theme. Every friday or saturday, the weekly pictures are uploaded. I will post my list of topics below, and add new themes or finished pictures to it every now and then.
For those waiting for something and now feeling forgotten: Don't worry. This challenge is a trick for getting my lazy ass working. Without it, that rather does not happen at all.

Your ideas for additional topics are appreciated!


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HoodedCanine's avatar
Wirklich eine super Idee um einen gewissen Rythmus ins Zeichen/Trainieren zu bringen. Bin nämlich ebenso faul, wirklich zu üben gelingt mir oft nicht, wenn ich nach der Schule nach Hause komme XD
Ich denke, dass ich auch mal solche Themenwochen mache owo
Themen die mir z.B. noch einfallen wären evtl Dschungel, Monster, Nachts im Wald (da kann man so viel fantasiezeug reininterpretieren :D),... 
Lorello's avatar
Ja, mal gucken wie lang ich das durchhalte :giggle: Bzw. es schaffe, das durchzuziehen.

Danke für die Vorschläge, klingen gut! :hug:
HoodedCanine's avatar
Ich hab beschlossen auch damit anzufangen, bin auch schon sehr gespannt wie lange ich durchalte XD... Als erstes mit "Dinosaurier"Jurassic World fieber xD
Gerne! :D
Na dann, viel Erfolg und vorallem Spaß dir dabei! <3
Lorello's avatar
Viel Glück! Und natürlich auch Spaß :giggle:

Und danke :hug:
HoodedCanine's avatar
Gerne! :heart: Dankeschön! :3
Cloud-Cat's avatar
wie wär's mit "Sounds"? :D
ich hab seit Tagen so ne Idee im Kopf für ein Bild, die ich aber nicht umsetzen kann :/
Vielleicht fällt dir was ein, wie du Geräusche in Bilder packen kannst? Fänd ich cool :meow:
Lorello's avatar
Was abstrakter, coole Idee :dummy:
Versuchs! :la:
Ich packs mal dazu ^^
Cloud-Cat's avatar
ich versuchs vielleicht :D
alles klar ^-^
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