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Gone character sketches



remember those books i said i was drawing the characters from? I FINALLY GOT THEM DONE!

21 FECKIN FACES :iconimdeadplz:
but i'm really happy with how they turned out :D

These are sketches of the characters from Michael Grant's "Gone" novels (which are completely stupendous books that i recommend to everyone, especially if you like HG, x-men and lord of the flies.... because "gone" is basically a fantastical smashing together of all three :dummy:)

The books are basically about a small town called Perdido Beach and what happens when everyone over the age of 15 disappears and some of the remaining children begin developing strange abilites. If fantasy isn't your cup of tea, then i'd read these books just for the characters and relationship development. Seriously they're all so realistic and there's such a huge variety of them, and you get to see them cope with genuine teenage problems but also problems created by their situation: like lack of food, children running riot, mutated animals, you name it. they're good books i tell you. :stare:

I won't bother rambling about why i drew them all the why i did, but there are a few i need to explain. (there may be tiny spoilers, be warned!)

I tried to make the characters look more unique this time and true to the descriptions. So Dekka, Albert and Howard, i tried to make them distinctly more African-American, since i sucked at that last time. Same with Edilio, Lana, Taylor, Duck and Nerezza though i'm not too sure about how they turned out. Edilio is Honduran, Lana i imagined as almost half-native american, Taylor and Duck are Asian and i guessed Nerezza was Italian from her name. So i'd really appreciate hearing what you think on these and if you think they fit ok :D
Little Pete is Astrid's 4 year old brother and is severely autistic which is why his eyes are kind of staring off somewhere.
Drake is a psycho and one of the most twisted and downright disturbed characters i've ever seen and gets a whip for a hand at one point. which is why he just looks plain demented o-o.
Orc is a big brutish kind of guy, but an accident leaves his entire body replaced by some kind of indestructible gravel-like rock. The only "human" part left is part of his face. poor Orc.
and Hunter... god poor poor Hunter ;A;. I don't even know if he even has nerve damage but at one point he suffers a blow to the head and is left with minor damage to his brain. As a result he struggles to remember things and has problems solving sentences but i do remember somewhere saying that one side of his mouth didn't work (i might be imagining it though). That is why i'm stuck with this image of Hunter having facial nerve damage on one side of his face and having a drooping mouth and eyelids ;__; heck i feel HORRIBLE for drawing him like that but that's how i picture him, GAH Hunter *me creys* i'm a horrible human TT_TT

anyway READ THESE BOOKS! they are fantastic and so well written and they keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.

Plus the UK covers are just plain awesome. the page edges are dipped in different colours. it's like having a set of higlighters... BUT BOOKS! :dummy:

PS i've only read up to the start of Plague, for anyone who's read them, so i have missed out a few characters, i might draw them later :)
also, no spoilers please if you can :D so people who want to read them won't have the plot ruined for them before they start.

characters (c) Michael Grant
art (c) me, please do not use without my permission.
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