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Catching Fire: Character sheet



YUUSSS finally got round to doing this!!! :iconboopplz:
Since people seemed to like the first sheet and i now know i don't have a totally screwed up mind drawing-characters-from-books-wise, i felt like drawing the characters from the second book Catching fire! >w< mostly because of finnick.... *ahem*

what is consistency? O_O

It is 4 am right now so i'll be brief for once (e_o)b *twitches* apologies in advance for lack of sense/spelling and bad jokes etc.


Finnick "hothothothothothothot" Odair - sarcastic and flirty and awesome. you can tell i like this character, i even drew his trident *w* when the rest just get their heads ¬w¬ Finnick favouritism.

Johanna "lumberjack and not ok" Mason - this is the length of hair i pictured: a lot of people draw her with REALLY short cropped hair which is cool too, so i dunno if that's just me...

Beetee a.k.a "Volts"- geeky, glasses, smart, good with tech. i likes this character too

Wiress a.k.a "Nuts" - lol nuts and volts, always loved that xD this is.... just how i thought "black hair ashen skin" looked :shrug: she has a habit of going into dazes.

Morphlings - they will stare into your sooouull! O_____o jk they're basically addicts to a drug called morphling, so from that fact i got skinny, scary and starey O_O

Cashmere - less childish but still bitchy-looking version of glimmer

Gloss - bro of cashmere and pretty-boyish, i know. i'm sorry, but with a name like gloss he can't really be anything else

Annie Cresta - Finnick's one true love >w< aww. was going for the "lovely but deshevelled" look given in the book.

Mags - omg drawing old people O_O so much fun for some reason :D the usual nice but secretly awesome old lady type.

Brutus - only image i got was the small soldier or that guy with the scar from avatar (as in blue intergalactic smurfs avatar... not zuko from aang) o_o so cross between the two, doesn't necessarily have grey hair though..

Enobaria - i call her sharkface (like foxface but not ¬w¬) she had surgery to make her teeth pointed because when she was in the games - she tore someone's throat with her teeth ^-^ lovely woman obv. so i drew her creepy and slightly rapeface-ish

anyway, hope i made sense (probs wasn't brief anyways) and hope these character images are even slightly decent for the characters ^^'

The hunger games, Catching fire, and characters belong to Suzanne Collins.
Art belongs to me.

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Wow i love finnik i love how u drew him he and mags are my fav oh and gale