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yay the early shift is over and now i have time to draw :) maybe this will be the last wip ^^ hope you like it :aww:

when i sharpen my 2 mm mechanical pencil i have that very fine graphit powder. i take my cutton pad and smudge with it over the paper, but be careful if you have the powder on the cotton pad use it first on an other piece of paper and then go over your drawing and after it you will have a smooth background :)

size A3
pencils: 2,0 mm 2B mechanical pencil and 0,7 mm, 0,3 mm 2B mechanical pencil for the dark parts
tools: blending stomp, pencil-eraser, Q-tip, cotton pads and kneaded eraser
time so far: 20 hours

Wip 1 [link] Wip 6 [link]
Wip 2 [link] Wip 7 [link]
Wip 3 [link] Wip 8 [link]
Wip 4 [link]
Wip 5 [link]
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did u have a picture to copy it of, or did u make this person up?
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hey, love your work
where did you get those mechanical pencils?
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thank you :)

in a normal store were you can buy office stuff for example
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hey thank you so much!
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This is simply amazing!
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thank you very much :)
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brilliant progress, I find myself holding my breath for the finished product
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wow :wow: this portrait is outstanding!
how did u did that hair? I'm staring at the monitor and can't believe it :faint: it's so real
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thank you so much jullia glad you like it so much :)
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I have no idea who she is but it's an amazing expression and detailed portrait... a sure favourite once its complete...
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it´s a model and her name is natalia vodianova :)
thanks for your comment :)
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fuckin hair!

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sehr geil ;) weitermachen! ^^
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hehe oki :D
danke ^^
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das wird ein fav.... mach fertisch ;) ;) ;)
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hehe das sagst du so einfach ^^ aber ich denk mal das es morgen fertig werden könnte :giggle:
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OMG..this is looking to be one of your best ever. It might even be your best.
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wow thanks a lot greg :aww:
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This is outstanding...I love everything of it. The hair is specially stunning...can't wait to see it finished and fav it. This may be my fave of you so far (along with Bruised)
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aww thank you so much :aww:
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...... Girl! Give me back my speach!! Magnificent.... :wow: :clap:
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