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have not much time to draw this week, but i try to finish as fast as i can.

when i sharpen my 2 mm mechanical pencil i have that very fine graphit powder. i take my cutton pad and smudge with it over the paper, but be careful if you have the powder on the cotton pad use it first on an other piece of paper and then go over your drawing and after it you will have a smooth background :)

size A3
pencils: 2,0 mm 2B mechanical pencil and 0,7 mm, 0,3 mm 2B mechanical pencil for the dark parts
tools: blending stomp, pencil-eraser, Q-tip, cotton pads and kneaded eraser
time so far: 18 hours

Wip 1 [link] Wip 6 [link]
Wip 2 [link] Wip 7 [link]
Wip 3 [link]
Wip 4 [link]
Wip 5 [link]
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die haare sehen echt super aus!! :omg: mal abgesehen davon ist deine produktivität absolut beneidenswert ;D
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Wow, you did really great in capturing her intense gaze.
Looks like the hair requires tons of patience, but it's really worth it- it looks unbelievably nice and realistic.
Good luck in finishing the drawing, it's sure going to look wonderful! :)
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thank you very much :)
yes you´re very right, the hair is very hard to do, but i´m satisfied how it turns out so far :)
thankyou very much for your comment :hug: glad you like it :aww:
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Aww you're most welcome :glomp:
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hi!!! i hope you'll answer me =))) what kind of paper do you use!!!

i adore your work... and i'm struggling to achieve the "smooth" skin effect that you have...
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hello :wave: sorry but i can´t tell ya what paper it is cauase ther´s no brand on it. all i can tell ya it a strong smooth paper :)
thank you very much :) for your comment
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don't know who this girl is's looking wonderfullll!!!!!!!!!!!!
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thank you very much :) :aww:
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oooooohhhhh, girl! amazing... i know why you did the backround first ;) the hair is going to be awesome. wow. I cannot wait to fave the finished drawing...
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:hug: have a fantastic weekend
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thanks :hug: same to you :)
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:wow: it's getting awesome and awesome :love:
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Looks really really good Anne! :)
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thank you very much Per :hug:
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Beautiful contrast, Anne! :applause:
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thanks a lot april :)
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Beautiful work so far Anne! Interesting that you've done the background before finishing her hair and body. :D
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thanks Man :)
yes i had to do the bg first cause of the light hair ;)
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