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i will give this drawing a name when it´s done. i have an idea in my mind but maybe you know something better ;)

this will be a long progress cause there is much much hair to it´s an other drawing practise for me, i need to get better :)

my TENDER drawing couldn´t top my BRUISED drawing so i will top it with this one...

as you can see i started the hair. it´s not that easy couse on the right side where i work right now, her hair is blurry but then on the left side her hair will be sharp...weirdo :D
again it´s a bad photo...but you know..bla bla bla ^^

size A3
pencils: 2,0 mm 2B mechanical pencil and 0,7 mm 2B mechanical pencil for the dark parts
tools: blending stomp, pencil-eraser, Q-tip, cotton pads and kneaded eraser
time so far: 14 hours

Wip 1 [link]
Wip 2 [link]
Wip 3 [link]
Wip 4 [link]
Wip 5 [link]
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wow it would be like awesome if u showed us a tutorial on how to draw that hair !! i love it
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very cool...The detail is incredible.
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absolutely brilliant. The eyes are amazing, although a little spooky.
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Hi Anne, kennst du mich noch? ^^
So, jetzt sag ich dir mal, was meine ersten Gedanken waren, als ich dieses Bild sah....:"Ach du meine Güte, du bist doch verrückt...!!" :nod: ^^
Und zu mir sagen alle immer, dass ich unheimlich viel Geduld hätte, was das Zeichnen angeht. -Aber was würden sie wohl bei dir sagen..?? Am erstaunlichsten finde ich die Schattierungen, die machen nämlich deine Bildleins immer so realitätsnah (= Naja, was soll ich noch sagen... --> Mach weiter so! ;)
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na hallo ^^ von dir hab ich ja lang nichts mehr gehört :)
ja das mit der geduld is son ding. erstaunlicherweise hab ich bei dieser zeichnung recht viel geduld *lol* fragt sich nur noch wie lange ^^
danke für deinen lieben comment ^^ :D
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amazing :)
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wow this is great! What were you looking for when you found this ref pic on google?
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thank you ^^
i was searching for some pics of diana princes of wales. cause there was a contest in drawing her and so i found that pic. :)
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can we see the reference pic?
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sure here you can see it [link]
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WOW! stunned. this is going to be one of my fave faves :)
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weeeee :D thanks ^^
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the hair are amazing but u can fix some errors in the hair no?!
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thank you ? :)
what errors in the hair you mean? are there some?
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